Global Warming

Winter has been over for less than a month and already the weather is doing strange and unusual things.

Winter itself, was drier than usual. It was also warmer. On the first day of Spring, record breaking temperatures were recorded. I remember it was in the high 20s, clear bright sunshine day.

Since then, it’s been quite wet sporadically. They say that when the atmosphere warms up slightly, it can hold more water vapour, and it manifests as increased rain. I don’t recall the precise amount of increase they claim to have measured, but it’s a positive number below 3 degrees C.

As a result of heavy rain over short periods, our reservoirs are all almost full. The price of water has increased a lot, in part due to the building of a Desalination Plant on the South coast. This plant was supposed to be an emergency fall-back, as they were predicting more droughts in the future; but thus far, the global warming trend has brought increased, not decreased, rain. The plant was built to double the original output and cost a hell of a lot of money to complete. It was just about the fashion at the time, to build Desalination Plants!

But the daily temperatures in this first month of Spring have been very warm. The average is something like 5 degrees C above normal. You can see what that’s done to New South Wales, which has had over 150 bush fires in the last week, with the loss of more than 180 houses. The dry Winter creates a large potential fuel load and then when Spring started with extra high temps, things combined to produce this set of out of control bush fires.

In Queensland, further north, in the western part of the state, the situation is different; they haven’t had any rain for about 2 years and are drought declared. It’s a virtual state of emergency and there’s no possible solution beyond natural rain.

I used to live  in the country, in a region where there were pine plantations. There was a wood chip factory about 30 miles away, and most of the time, you could smell it. If there was a breeze, or even a wind, the smell dissipated. But apart from the smell, the air was really clean. It was a region that got about twice as much average rain fall as Adelaide. And the pine plantations stretched out for miles and miles and miles.

I moved back to the city about ten years ago, and 8 years ago, got this place right on the edge of the city CBD. It’s extremely noisy, to start with, as rush hour traffic barrels through, morning and at dusk. Then there’s the airport. Living in the country I had completely forgotten about the noise airplanes make, but being back near the CBD means that every morning at around 5:30 am, you get to hear the loud noises of jets taking off. On some days there are at least 8 jets departing all within an hour of each other and they make a very loud noise indeed. It’s not so bad at evening, because jets don’t land en masse then. They come in during the day.

Another thing about city living is the quality of the air.

You don’t smell the pollution, and it doesn’t manifest often as smog or even fog, but if you wait for a couple weeks, you get to see just how dirty the air really is. I’ve left my car out in the open. I haven’t washed it in 6 months and there’s a black, soot like film, all over it now. This same black stuff, it seems to come as dust particles, gets inside too and it only takes a week to coat everything. Then what you see is a black film over everything. Unlike normal dust, this black dust doesn’t come off with a simple wipe, or even using a vacuum cleaner. It’s just about sticky, or sticks to itself, and to get rid of it, even when it’s only a week old, you must use a lot of effort, and cleaning chemicals. With my car it would take 4 or 5 hours to remove the black film and special chemical cleaners that cost lots of money. I don’t have the physical strength though.

I think this black stuff comes from car exhausts.

There is a lot of normal dust, too, but with that you just wipe it away or use a vacuum cleaner. The black stuff is what compromises the atmosphere itself.

This city isn’t a very large one. The amount of traffic going in and out isn’t that huge. Compared to places like Sydney, London, New York or Beijing, the pollution effect is minor. But my observations reveal what it must be like in those other places, where pollution can get so bad, you need to wear a face mask; where tall buildings are often invisible due to the haze of pollution that hangs over the city. It’s so bad, here, that the black dust affects your breathing; I can’t imagine how bad it gets in these big cities. Everyone has seen images of the effects of pollution in those big cities, and now the issue is, what can be done about it?

If it can be so severe in Adelaide with a population of less than 700,000 you can only guess how bad it is in those other places. And it’s not only pollution from cars, it’s also the stuff belching out of factory smoke stacks that’s causing a huge problem. It’s no wonder that all of this stuff has created Global Warming!


Defending Human Rights

The status quo of 2012 is such that the term “human rights” seems only to be applicable to issues of a very direct political nature; things like Pro_democracy in Burma, [Extremist] Islamists attacking Christians in Kenya and the Philippines and Egypt, the rights of people in prison etc etc.

Currently in Queensland, Australia, there’s a trial taking place in which the defendant was a highly respected surgeon. He is accused of “assault” by way of an operation he performed on a relatively healthy middle aged man whereby he removed 90% of the colon. It’s not the only such charge that’s been brought against him. There were at least 4 other similar offences described in court documents and he’d been found guilty on at least one charge and given a 4 year prison sentence. The surgeon’s name was Patel.

In these instances, it appears that the “human rights” as well as the “legal rights” of the so-called victims have been abused – violated. It’s quite unusual to see this kind of prosecution in Australia because the medical profession is held in high esteem and doctors are usually well respected. A couple years ago one doctor was named Australian of the Year!

That’s how highly regarded medical men are in this rationalist society.

The Australian of the Year was a Psychiatrist and he used his increased public focus to try to introduce massive new Mental Health “services,” in particular for younger people. He was on television almost weekly and also gave talks at the National Press Club where he espoused his general philosophic outlook, which basically came down to an assertion that vast numbers of people were either already mentally ill, or would become so in the not too distant future. For younger people he proposed a system of preventative health care which would see the youth medicated because it was thought they might suffer a full blown mental illness in the future. To many this was an outrage. They believed that children were being targeted for “treatment” at far too early an age; and the treatments given were almost exclusively highly potent mind altering chemicals. The idea that medical science could effectively predict if a person was going to suffer a mental illness in the future was refuted, and with it, so was the idea that treatments should be administered to prevent such an illness from occurring.

  This Australian of the Year became the focus of a Citizens Committee of Human Rights investigation here in Australia because what he was advocating could simply be seen as a diminution of people’s human rights. He wanted people to be “treated” for no actual medical condition, only the possibility that a condition might arise in the future. How this type of prediction would be possible is at the basis of the CCHR’s belief system which states that Psychiatry is a pseudo science, and does not use actual scientific techniques to detect or even to treat patients. Eventually, the Australian of the Year was caught in a bind by CCHR investigations: he was very heavily indebted to drug manufacturers and was therefore not impartial. This revelation almost derailed the doctor’s career and was publicised in the magazine published by CCHR in Los Angeles: Impact.

The Australian of the Year was basically advocating a “new” system which fundamentally altered the position of people’s human rights to their detriment. It’s well known that large numbers of Australians are treated by Mental Health systems on an involuntary basis. While such treatment is being given, and it can last for many years, the so-called patient’s basic human rights are subjected to exclusion filters. All his rights are said to be protected, except those which he could exercise to stop treatment and/or incarceration in a mental health facility. There is no right to refuse treatment. For the involuntary “patient” his rights have been reduced even more than those of people in prison.

One of the worst aspects of this “modern science of mental health” is the treatments themselves as the drugs used have many effects which are extremely detrimental to the physical health of the “victim.” CCHR has been covering this side of the scheme with campaigns that feature films on the subjects of “how a diagnosis is arrived at”, the history of definitions of mental disorders and of the profession itself, and the large numbers of deaths that can be directly linked to treatment.

They have shown, for instance, that many of the strange mass shootings in the US have prescription drugs as a major component of the motive. They reveal cases in which the prescription drugs literally have driven a person insane, and it’s at that point when a mass shooting can occur, and has.

Several of the school shootings had been carried out by youths who were on drugs prescribed to them by a certified psychiatrist for “disorders” that included ADHD.

However, CCHR also points out that these psychotropic drugs have other “side effects’ that can cause physical illness and with some – death. They have collated numbers of psychiatric patients who have died either directly from treatment, or who have killed themselves while still on prescribed drugs, and the figures are quite overwhelming. They number in the tens of thousands.

Psychiatric “medicine” is a three hundred billion dollar a year drugs industry in America alone, and it is estimated that world-wide over 100,000,000 people take a psychiatrically prescribed drug every day! These drugs are expensive because production costs are high and because the drug companies need to maintain a very high margin of profit. In Australia they don’t yet advertise such drugs on TV, whereas in America they do.

It’s more than ironic that non-drug treatments, such as the types described by the founder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard, have been heavily proscribed by governments under the guise of the Psychological Practises Act. What that has done since these types of new laws have been enacted, is prevent people from being able to claim that a specific non-drug treatment for a “mental disorder” can actually cure the condition, or at least make it much better. Originally, Scientology and Dianetics, both “created” by L Ron Hubbard, were lauded as “cures” for almost all known mental illnesses. It was said that through Dianetic “therapy” you could almost completely prevent mental illness. How to do it was a simple thing, and many self-help groups were established world-wide after the advent of Dianetics in the 50s, to provide “auditing” for anyone who wanted it.

Auditing is a procedure wherein you are shown how to recall painful incidents in your life, at an earlier and earlier stage, until such incidents are no longer irrationally affecting your present day perceptions and behaviour. It was further claimed that a trained auditor could literally empty an insane asylum in a very short time by applying Dianetics to the patients.

Because of this, new laws were established in the Western world, to prevent such claims being made, and prevent people from undergoing such therapies. It was almost exclusively a movement aimed at stopping the growth of Dianetics and Scientology, although as a side effect, these laws also changed what Hypnotists could do legally, and what they could claim they could do.

Even as recently as the 80s, these types of laws were changed so that it was now illegal for a Hypnotherapist to claim he could “cure” smoking, and it was also illegal for him to attempt to use hypnotism to stop anyone from smoking.

Watch this UTUBE Film based upon a CCHR Doco

Big Business

Story III

The Mysterious Manuscript

I remember sitting on a bench in a beautiful garden. My mom had died unexpectedly a few days before. Still in shock over her sudden loss, I was grieving terribly. My wife was home with our two young children.

I put my hands on my head and leaned forward, as would a person who is crying. But I was quiet.

As I leaned forward, I saw a faded manuscript with aged paper under the bench where I was sitting. I leaned down further and pulled it up.

Strangely, when I picked up that large, faded manuscript, the emotional pain that enveloped me seemed to ease up.

I opened the mysterious manuscript. I was in no emotional state to start reading, but I glanced at the bold headings throughout it. I could not remember what I read, but I was feeling better. I got up to leave. I looked forward to being with my wife and kids.

Over the next three weeks, some wonderful changes came over my life. Although I was in no mood to celebrate anything, I could not help notice how my income had suddenly tripled as I began closing lucrative deals at work with incredible ease, and a couple old investments I had almost forgotten about soared. Even a two‑dollar lottery ticket I bought with my young daughter to try and cheer us up won! Everyone was really nice to me–even those who had no idea my morn had just passed away. Out of the blue, interesting men and women struck up conversations and talked to me. I began to ask myself, what’s all this? What’s different about me now?

Well, my mom had just died, and I was still grieving. I knew that could not be behind this string of unusual happenings. But what else was different about me?

Then, I remembered the old manuscript from the garden. I went to my car and found the manuscript on the floor. The cover was badly faded by the sun, but I could barely make out the words: Secret Society across the front. I had forgotten completely what I had seen inside it.

When I wrapped my hand around the spine of that manuscript to pick it up, I felt a huge burden flow out of my body and, at the exact same instance, I felt exhilaration flow into my body, filling the space previously occupied by the burden.

“Wow,” I remember thinking, “this old manuscript must be the source behind my unexplainable good luck and charm.”

I opened it right there on the driveway and began to read. In a metaphysical way, I felt as though my mom was no longer gone from my life. Maybe, I thought, just maybe this manuscript is her gift to me.

One section within this book told an amazing story about twelve children who grew up to become very wealthy and successful. The story told how their wealth and success were attained. All these children also grew up to be great lovers. This book told the story of how their amazing love relationships were attained.

As I read the amazing stories, I felt as though the greatest secrets to money, power, and love were being told to me.

It did not take long to read through the whole manuscript.

What happened to me next was unbelievable, BUT TRUE!

The next day, everything I looked at seemed to give me omniscient powers. I turned on the television and for every sporting event on the tube, I accurately predicted who would win. I picked five stocks I had a good feeling about. All five shot up for weeks.

I decided to go to Las Vegas and play some poker–I’m not sure why, but I just wanted to. For the first time, I came home a huge winner.

That night I looked up into the night sky and told my mom that I knew she had brought me this gift. As I thanked her, I saw the first “falling star” I had ever seen in my life.

When I walked into my house and looked at my one‑and­-a‑half year old boy and five‑year‑old daughter, I felt so much love for them I was overcome with tears.

“Your grandma is looking over you,” I said softly.

The old, faded manuscript I read a few days before was an interpretation of a book written 2300 years ago. I’ve since come to realize these were the secrets every extremely lucky and famous person throughout history used. This book contained the most well-guarded secrets in over 2000 years!

This manuscript watches over me and fills my life with wealth, happiness, and love. It will do the same for you –you will know it is working when twelve very major good things happen to you within 72 hours after receiving it.

Some of the good things that immediately happened to me were:

My wife got pregnant with the third child we wanted but seemed unable to conceive.

Asthma ceased to torment my daughter–just vanished from her childhood.

I slimmed down to a slim person, never to gain it back.

I went from struggling financially to a wealthy man with one immediate turn.

All the negativity, all at once, left my life, never to return. I fell madly in love with my wife all over again, and our passion has not waned since.

I went from being a social introvert to being the most popular and likeable man in our community.

Almost overnight, everything about me and my confusing life became clear for the first time. Now, I have a clear vision, steady focus, and a deep harmony and fulfilment. I am the person I was meant to be, living the life I was meant to live. I’m very, very happy.

I live in a four‑million‑dollar custom‑built mansion.

I drive an $I85,000 luxury import.

I vacation with my family ALL FIRST CLASS.

My children are in the most expensive private school.

I almost never step foot in my office. Instead, I do whatever I want all day.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The fact that all this good happens very, very quickly is no exaggeration. Remember, I had just flipped through the manuscript in the garden and could not even remember the headings I had glanced at when very good things started happening to me.

Here is why, as I now realize, so much good happens so quickly: Inside the 2300‑year‑old secrets are hidden messages with secret meanings that even I am not aware of, which pass into the reader with certain powers that have evolved over a hundred generations for the past two millennia. I think some of those secret meanings are hidden in the bold headings themselves. So, when a reader takes just ten minutes, as I did, glancing over the chapter headings and subheadings, he or she absorbs some of the ancient secret powers.

That makes perfect sense, for a manuscript that contains the two‑thousand‑year‑old secrets to wealth, power, and love used exclusively by the rich, powerful and famous … therein such a manuscript lies the most evolved competitive advantages, shortcuts, and powers.

Those secret powers evolved for two thousand years. Of course, we will not understand them all, but we will absorb them through this manuscript. They are the timeless ancient powers preserved for all time in this manuscript.

You will believe those powers exist and pass into you within three days of receiving the manuscript. Like me, out of the blue, even after just glancing through the headings, very good things will start happening to you–immediately.

If you’re single you’ll meet and fall in love with the woman or man of your dreams.

If you’re poor, you’ll stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime and onto the path of wealth and riches.

If you’re sickly, you’ll suddenly make a turn toward health and vitality.

If you’re meek and cowardly, you’ll suddenly become strong and in control.

If you’re depressed or unhappy … this manuscript will be your Shangri‑La.

Now, here is perhaps the most amazing aspect of this manuscript, the most phenomenal of its powers: I actually believe it cures aging. I know, at first, that sounds incredible. But, I see the evidence.

It is true and the evidence is in this amazing manuscript.

I felt as though this was a very special gift my mom led me to–my own life‑force. The physical manuscript itself had a powerful affect on me every time I held it, which I never wanted to lose. With it, there was so much love and prosperity in my life–money flowing into my bank account and a lot of love flowing into my life from others, even from strangers, especially from loved ones … and from me to my wife and kids. I did not want to let it go.

One afternoon, in the middle of the week, I sat in a Burger King having burgers and fries with my wife and kids. (I did not have to sit in an office all day anymore. I now enjoyed a free life‑style.) I noticed a man and his son a few booths away. How nice, I thought, seeing a dad and his boy out together. The boy was probably eight or nine years old.

As my family was eating, suddenly we heard a man’s overwhelming loud voice shouting and then a child’s tiny voice shriek, “No!”

I looked up and saw the same man a few booths away with one arm around the boy’s neck and the other arm, fist clinched, pointed at his boy’s face. The boy was crying and his dad yelled, “Shut up. SHUT UP!”

I was in disbelief. He was a split second away from punching his frightened son, point blank in the face!

What happened next came to me from a power beyond myself. I jumped off my chair with my manuscript in my hand. (I carried it with me wherever I went, always.) As I rushed to the booth, I thought I was going to smash the abusive man in the head. His brute attack on his helpless son enraged me, for I felt so much love for my children, I could not bear what I saw before me.

My wife saw the look in my eyes and shouted at me, “Don’t do it!” as I ran to the man’s booth.

Here is where some cosmic power took over. With my left hand, I grabbed his right hand that was clinched and pointed at his boy’s head, and I pulled it back. With my other hand that was holding my manuscript, I thrust the manuscript against, his fist.

“Take it!” I shouted.

Reluctantly, but beyond his own will, he slowly opened his fist and accepted the old manuscript. Then I heard myself make the two‑word command: “OPEN IT!”

He did. When he did, his reaction took my breath away. I stood back and watched:

His eyes widened as he glanced over the Chapter Headings in the Table of Contents. I knew some of the hidden message were entering his mind along with the immense love.

His body relaxed, and he slid his other arm from around his son’s neck and put it against the back of the manuscript For about five minutes, he flipped through the whole manuscript as I had done that day in the garden.

Then, he dropped his gaze to the floor for a minute and shook his head. In a heart rending moment, he turned toward his son, who immediately flinched.

“I’m so, so sorry,” his dad said from somewhere very deep. in his heart, and then he leaned over and hugged his son. “0, Jason, I’m so, so, sorry.”

The boy could not believe what was happening. I could see the love, for the first time, rushing up from this man and flowing into his boy.

When the dad began to weep, his boy hugged him back and said, “It’s okay, Dad.” That made his dad cry even more.

When he sat up and looked his son in the eyes, his boy smiled. He knew deep inside that the abuse was over, forever.

His father spoke softly, “I’ve been under so much pressure since being let go…”

That’s when I knew this was a sign from my mother that this family needed my special manuscript.

“Not anymore,” I said. “Those pressures will vanish with this manuscript. Your financial problems are over.”

Father and son looked up at me with relief and gratefulness.

“You keep this for a few days and read it,” I said to the dad. “The rest of your life and his will be full of wealth and love.”

They were both speechless and sat in disbelief. But I knew I could completely trust him with the manuscript. So I pulled out my card and slipped it into the manuscript.

“Call me when you’re done,” I said. He did not have any words to say. He smiled at me and nodded. My family and I finished our lunch, my kids and wife asking me a hundred questions I did not quite know how to answer.

A few days later, the man whom I found out was named John, called me and said, “I don’t know what’s happening, but I got hired in the highest paying job in my life, and I feel as though it’s only the beginning. In everything I do, I feel incredibly lucky. I’m on some kind of winning streak or something. What’s in this manuscript?”

“Some kind of ancient powers,” I said seriously. “You cannot lose.”

There was a pause over the phone, then he said, “And I also spend all my spare time now with my boy. I look forward to coming home to him now.”

“It’s the love of our ancestors coming through the manuscript,” I said, not fully sure of what I meant.

The next morning, he returned the manuscript. As he handed the old manuscript to me, he said, “I owe you my life.”

“This manuscript can save lives,” I heard myself saying. “It can save marriages, save families, save one’s sanity. It can make homeless people become rich people. It can lift a person, a family out of poverty or depression and into prosperity.”

“I agree,” he muttered. The way he clutched the manuscript just before handing it back over to me, like a child not wanting to let go of his favorite stuffed animal when mom thinks it’s time to give it away, got my attention. When he was leaving, the look on his face was obvious: he did not want to part with the manuscript. It was an enormous positive force in his life, like his own real live lucky charm.

Now, three years later, my life is like a fantasy. I live in a I3,000‑square‑foot mansion that I had custom built. I live in the same neighborhood with movie stars, television stars, the highest paid sports stars, and wealthy business owners. Since I found that manuscript three years ago, I don’t think my wife or I have aged, which amazes us and our friends. Needless to say, I have become wealthy, and I have found true love and happiness. All the missing pieces in my life have been found and snapped into place. That longing for “something more” in life no longer exists for me, for I have everything now.

And I feel I did a great thing when I brought that manuscript to a man in dire need. I am reminded of my good deed every time my good friend John visits, and I look into his son’s happy eyes.



Story IV

The Ten‑Second Miracle

A Famous Celebrity Testifies

I am writing this letter under an assumed name. If I told you who I was, you would instantly recognize me. I have a best-selling book; I appear on television virtually every day, all around the world. As a matter of fact, my TV shows are some of the most watched programs in television history.

I have appeared on stage with the United States’ President Ronald Reagan, the Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, General Norman Schwarzkopf, and many other wealthy, famous people.

Today, I am a multi‑millionaire and have an incredible lifestyle. I am in control of my destiny. I feel happy, confident and at peace with myself. I have many loyal friends, a loving family and am excited about living every day to its fullest.

I am telling you this up front, because I want you to pay attention to what I have to say.

I have a very important a very important, potentially life‑changing question to ask You. How would you like your life to almost magically transform, virtually overnight, into what you’ve always dreamed it would be? I want you to think about something very seriously for just a moment. If a genie came out of a lamp right now and told you he would grant you any wish for your life, what would it be? If you could design and create your personal ideal lifestyle, right now, how would it look? Would it be having all of your bills paid off? How about having a hundred thousand dollars, or even $500,000 in the bank? Imagine not having to work a job anymore. being able to spend all the time you want to with your family and children. What type of car would you drive? What type of home would you live in? What type of clothes would you wear? Where would you travel? What type of relationship would you have? Would you be happy? Imagine having no stress and anxiety. What would your body look like? Would you be at your ideal weight? Imagine being able to eat anything you want, and never gain weight. Would you like to have people always wanting to be your friend? … Including rich and famous people?

I am writing this letter to you to let you know, flat out, that these things could happen to You. Let me say that again. Your ideal lifestyle can be Yours. How do I know this?

You see, years ago, I was given the secret to not only making huge amounts of money, but also having total peace of mind, happiness, having the romantic love relationship in your life you’ve always wanted, and having total freedom.

Imagine having the time and the money to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. Imagine smiling and laughing every day. Having more physical energy than you’ve ever imagined. Being at your perfect weight and looking great. Having self‑confidence and being in control of your life and the future. You see, I was fortunate enough to be given the secret that can make all of these fantasies become a reality for you.

I’m going to share with you that secret now. But, before I do, I want to tell you a little bit about how I discovered this secret, or should I say, how this secret discovered me! … and just how powerfully it works for people like you and me. I want you to really understand just how real and legitimate this secret is. Everything you’re reading here is true. I am not some invisible person hiding behind a mail order company, trying to deceive you and take your money. I am a well-known, successful celebrity. Everything you are reading is I00% true and documented..

For your sake, I hope you’re reading every word of this and paying close attention. With all my heart, I want you to know that this has worked for me and for others, and this will work for you.

The secret is simple, easy and can be applied in just I0 seconds!

But, just who am I, and how did I make this discovery? First off, this secret has been used by people throughout history. Virtually all wealthy and happy people use the secret. But if you were to ask them what they are doing that is making them powerful and in control, stress free, relaxed, happy, with heaps of money, great relationships, and a great body, they won’t tell you.

So, how did I manage to come across this secret and transform my life? Well, I grew up in a blue‑collar community. My dad was a welder. We didn’t have much money growing up, and the goal of most kids was to get a good job in the union. We were told, “Never expect too much out of life. You’ll only be disappointed.”

In I979, I was working as a waiter. I was serving a man who was dressed in a very expensive suit. He was thin, and had a great smile. He was very friendly and had a great personality. He asked me if I’d be interested in looking at a part time business opportunity. I figured he was just trying to get me to go to an Amway meeting.

But, he was so likable, plus the fact that he had a solid gold Rolex watch on and had one of the biggest diamond rings I had ever seen, I decided I would learn about this business opportunity.

He introduced me to some very wealthy people. These people actually used the secret I’m talking about. They were wealthy beyond my wildest imagination.

They wore the most expensive clothing, had the fancy cars, and traveled first class. They also had wonderful, loving, romantic relationships. They were confident and in control of their lives. They were in good physical condition. They were happy and laughed all the time. They never seemed to have any challenges or problems in their lives. They were financially independent and totally free. They seemed secure, well-adjusted and at peace with themselves. Everyone wanted to be their friends; they seemed like they were living under a lucky star.

I began to wonder how they got wealthy and how they achieved such a wonderful lifestyle. Was there a magic ingredient that they were using that got them to this incredible level of success and power? If there was, they weren’t revealing it.

They seemed to have it all; loving families, gorgeous spouses, beautiful homes, money, travel and, most importantly, high self‑esteem and peace within.

I desperately wanted these things. Many of you reading this, I am sure, want these things too. But, maybe you’re like me. I felt that I was just unlucky. It was as if there was a black cloud over my head. Sometimes I felt as if there was a curse on me.

No matter how hard I worked I couldn’t save any money. It just seemed to slip through my fingers. And so did my relationships. They never lasted. I didn’t feel well physically. I wanted to lose weight, but I was unhappy and gaining weight. I had a strange feeling that people didn’t like me and were working against me.

Do you feel this way at all? Well, continue to read on, because I think you’re going to be amazed.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I began reading positive thinking books. I began buying courses on how to be successful and going to seminars. I even consulted astrologers and psychics. I tried to apply the techniques I was learning and being taught.

Yet, nothing worked. They all seemed very hard; they took a lot of time, and money.

Most importantly, I never developed the confidence and peace of mind or that magical magnetic energy that seemed to just attract good things into one’s life.

All this positive thinking stuff was so difficult because you had to think about doing it all the time. And, the fact is, it was impossible for me, or anyone, to be positive all the time.

I would be depressed one day, angry the next, happy and excited later, and then back again. I would be lucky one moment, then unlucky the next. I began suffering from low self-esteem.

In my zeal and zest to be successful and trying to apply all these things, I started to cut corners. Money got so tight that I did some illegal things involving my credit cards. I basically went broke and became depressed applying all these techniques that I learned from the books, the tapes and the seminars.

My girlfriend left me. Our home was foreclosed on; my car repossessed; and I got convicted of two felonies, and was sentenced to two years in prison. Talk about hitting rock bottom.

I don’t think any one of you reading this has ever reached a point in your life that’s that low. You may have some challenges, but believe me, nothing compares to how bad it is to go to prison! I was so ashamed and scared. I don’t think anyone can imagine the pain and humiliation.

While I was doing my time at a federal prison camp, I gave up all hope. I became cynical, depressed, and angry. I had lost any remaining amount self‑respect. I had zero self‑esteem. I would have made a great case study for a psychologist.

But, a miracle did happen while I was in prison. Because I had some time to think and ponder, I began mentally analyzing those individuals who I met back in I979, who seemed to have it all. For hours, I racked my brain trying to figure out what they had in common. Was it just their destiny, or was there some secret ingredient which allowed them to be successful?

The days went by, the weeks went by, the months went by, and I continued to think about them. After these months of mental study and analysis, I began to see that they in fact did not apply the techniques that were in those positive thinking books, psychic forecasts or seminars on success and financial independence that gave you false information on how to be happy and wealthy.

I began to see very clearly, after hours and hours of deep contemplation, that they were all applying a powerful secret. But what that secret was, I didn’t know.

Then, a few days later, the miracle happened. I received a large package in the mail. After the prison guard opened this package, he handed me a 680‑page manuscript titled “The Secret Society’s Inner Secrets”. Attached was a little yellow sticker with a handwritten note saying simply, “You have paid your dues. You are now ready for Inner Secrets.” The note was signed, The Secret Society.

I read and read and read. It seemed unbelievable. It seemed too good to be true. This manuscript revealed the secret that can allow a person, anywhere in the world, no matter what his or her current situation, to apply this simple secret in I0 seconds, and virtually, as if by magic, transform their whole being into a powerful, confident, peaceful, secure man or woman who virtually attracts money and success, the most deep romantic love, the most loyal friendships, effortlessly. That was shocking to me. And the best part was, you could apply this highly‑guarded secret in less than I0 seconds.

I remembered going to the library in prison and reading biographies of famous people who seemed to have it all. I now realized how throughout history all of those incredibly successful people actually knew about and applied this same secret!

In order for me to believe that this secret was as effective and effortless as I believed it was, I had to see results instantly.

The day finally came, I made my decision. It seemed to me that this secret did work for all of these other people and just might work for me.

So, I sat down on the bed in my cell and closed my eyes … it took me only I0 seconds to apply the Secret Society’s most highly‑guarded secret. It was easy, it was simple, and anyone who possesses certain inherent skills can do it, including you. Now listen to this. This is the most amazing part.

Approximately one minute later, over the loud speaker, I heard my name called. I was being called to the Warden’s office. I’d never been called to the Warden’s office before, and I wondered why.

But, I felt some deep change within me. I felt as if a huge weight was lifting off my shoulders. I felt that I was beginning to see things for the very first time. It looked as if colors were changing and becoming more vibrant and bright. I felt my breathing was easier. I felt my shoulders were going back as if I were gaining height.

This incredible rush was going through my body like electricity or energy. It seemed my body was becoming energized and more vibrant. Something was happening inside me. It’s hard to describe, but it was very real.

This was not subtle; this was a big thing happening to me. I walked to the Warden’s office and to my utter amazement, I was told that my conviction was going to be reversed. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Imagine, within one minute after I applied the coveted secret, my conviction was being reversed. The Warden told me I would be leaving in three days.

That is the moment that I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Secret Society and its secrets would change my life forever.

Now, let me fast‑forward for just a moment. Once I got out of prison, my life seemed to be a rocket ship to the moon.

Beautiful, successful women, even several actresses and models, started paying attention to me. They just started showing up around me and acting as if they wanted to get to know me. It was as though all of the sudden I had become the most intriguing man on the planet! It was very strange. I have to admit, it was also very fun. It made me feel great!

It was really incredible the changes that occurred in me and how I seemed to become the center of everyone’s attention. Soon, I was the envy of all my friends. I also noticed I was in the best shape of my life: I was thinner and looked better than I ever had.

Now, listen to this. Remember, I came out of prison penniless. But, because I applied this I0‑second miracle, everything in my life just started working to my advantage.

It was effortless. I couldn’t make a wrong move. Everything worked out perfect. I couldn’t believe the lucky breaks I was getting, almost on a daily basis.

It was like miracle after miracle after miracle was happening right before my eyes. It felt like I was in a dream fantasy world. It happened so easily and so fast that I couldn’t even believe it.

Now, listen closely, within I2 months I had deposited over 20 million dollars into my new business account. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Before, I was unlucky and nothing went my way. Now, I felt golden!

I was driving a brand new Mercedes S600 coupe. I began traveling first class. And it kept getting better. In the last six years, my businesses have generated over two billion dollars in sales worldwide.

I’ve had the Rolls Royce, the Ferrari’s, my own private Lear jets; I’ve been invited to meet presidents and prime ministers of countries around the world.

I’ve appeared on national television programs and even in a full length Hollywood motion picture (if I mentioned the name, you would instantly know it). Remember, I am a well known celebrity! I just wish I could let you know who I am;

it would blow your mind.

You’ve heard me on the Rush Limbaugh radio show as well as the Howard Stern show, all because of this little secret.

I call it the I0‑second miracle. But, there is a catch; if you don’t use it, you could lose it. I have to give you a very important warning. I think you’ll find this fascinating.

Three years ago, when everything was going great, I made an innocent mistake. I wasn’t paying attention and I unplugged the I0‑second miracle.

You see, once you apply this discovery, you have to make sure it stays plugged in. If you don’t you could lose it all. I can tell you, it just works that way. I unplugged the power secret, by accident; I didn’t realize I was doing it. I didn’t do it consciously, but I did it. I didn’t know I did it, but I did notice things changing. Just when I thought I had finally found the right woman and was planning on a lifelong marriage, our relationship went bad. My income dried up. I began feeling stressed out and anxious. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t sleeping well. I began obsessive eating and gaining weight. It seemed like old times, like people didn’t like me anymore. And, instead of being Mr. Lucky, I was becoming Mr. Unlucky again. I felt like a black cloud was over me once more. I felt cursed. I felt paranoid. I thought “Well, it was good while it lasted, but I guess I’m destined to be a failure.” I was confused and angry.

Suddenly, it hit me. The secret, what about the secret? Why wasn’t it working anymore? I instantly noticed I had unplugged it. I cursed myself. How could I be so stupid?

But, I smiled for the first time in months because I knew I had the power to plug it in again. It would only take I0 seconds. I didn’t plug it in immediately; I just thought for a few minutes how exciting it would be to see this miracle in action once more. I wondered what wonderful things would happen.

I remembered the last time I did it; within a minute the Warden called me into the office and told me that a charge was dropped against me, and I was released in three days. I was excited just wondering what could happen. I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

I sat down in my favorite chair and closed my eyes. It took me just I0 seconds to plug in the magic secret discovery. Within seconds, I heard the fax machine going off. I walked over, pulled out a fax and read it. It was from another country.

I was being invited to appear with Mikhail Gorbachev and General Norman Schwarzkopf as well as one of the richest men in that country!

I began to laugh like a kid. It was another miracle happening right before my eyes. The same feelings came over me as before. I felt confident again. I felt in control. I felt happy. I felt at peace. I was secure; I relaxed, all of the stress left me. I had a knowingness that everything would turn out fantastic. Life was exciting again.

It happened instantly and effortlessly.

I hope you’re paying attention because I want you to know that these things can happen to you. In just I0 seconds, your whole life can change.

Now, I have to tell you an interesting anecdote: When I accepted this speaking engagement, I actually traveled for I4 days with President Gorbachev and General Schwarzkopf.

While I was in this foreign country, I met one of the richest men in the world. We instantly hit it off, became fast friends and formed a business together.

This man has one of the largest yachts made, with a helicopter on it.

And he’s got over 80 luxury and exotic cars including Rolls Royce’s, Mercedes, and Ferrari’s. You name it, he’s got it.

He’s been featured on the TV series Baywatch, playing himself. He meets regularly with the wealthiest people in the world, as well as presidents and prime ministers.

He’s had numerous celebrities on his yacht as his personal guest, including Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise, you name it. Everyone wants to be this guy’s friend.

When I met this incredibly rich, powerful and happy man, I was intrigued. All the people around him were incredibly loyal. He just seemed to have it all. As always, I was very curious.

Did he have a secret that I didn’t know about?

Well, I wanted to pick his brain. We were on his yacht, having lunch, and we decided to go into the hot tub (yes, he has a hot tub on the yacht).

We were sitting in the hot tub talking and I got a phone call from Robert Kiyosaki, he’s the gentleman who wrote the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He knew of this guy, but had never met him. Robert was actually quite impressed that we were business partners.

Robert wanted to know if this rich fellow had a secret, too. I told him I would try to find out and get back to him. I hung up the phone, and while sitting in the hot tub; I asked my friend if he had a secret to his incredible success. I wanted to know how he got so lucky.

With a big smile, and a deep, wonderful belly laugh, he told me what it was. I smiled and laughed myself

He had just described the I0‑second miracle to me.

Now, I can’t tell you that by applying the I0‑second miracle that you’ll become as wealthy as him, or as me. I can’t say that you’ll become as famous as us. I can’t tell you that you’ll never have another problem in your life.

But I can say, with total confidence, you will be in our “club”. If you apply this I0‑second miracle in your life, you’ll be happier and you’ll have more peace of mind.

You’ll have better, more loving, romantic relationships.

You’ll have more money, you’ll get out of debt and you’ll be better off than you ever have been in your entire life. You will feel relaxed and in control in every situation.

You will have total certainty and total confidence. Your self-esteem will soar!

I believe that if you apply this simple secret that you will feel like you have a genie that is willing to grant your every wish any time you ask. You’ll be better off in every area of your life; emotionally, physically, financially, than you ever can possibly dream or imagine.

The life you always dreamed about is I0 seconds away.

Once you get this discovery for yourself, you will use this secret immediately. I’ve called this Secret Society secret the I0‑second miracle.

Remember, everything I’ve said in this letter is true. This discovery has worked for me, and I know it’s worked for others I’ve personally seen it.

I’ve personally seen people apply this technique, and in I0 seconds, I’ve physically seen, with my own eves, their lives

Because you have received this Orientation booklet, I know that you, too, have been selected by the Secret Society to receive this incredible, life‑lifting secret just like I was a few years ago. Although your life may not feel lucky right now, you are, indeed, one of the lucky few. And I congratulate you, because I know in my heart the I0‑second miracle will work for you, too.

The Secret Society could easily charge $500, $I000, even $I0,000 for their 680‑page Inner Secrets manuscript. And, for what you would receive, it’s worth a thousand times that. Think about it. How much would you be willing to pay if you knew this secret would allow you to eliminate all of your debt? How much would you be willing to pay for this secret, if you knew by applying it you could make ten thousand, twenty thousand, even fifty thousand dollars per month? How much would you be willing to pay for this I0‑second miracle, if you knew that by applying it you would have the most loving, romantic relationships you could ever begin to imagine experiencing?

How much would you be willing to pay if you knew, with I00% certainty, that this secret discovery would allow you to lose all the weight you want effortlessly and have the physical body you’ve always dreamed about?

I believe you couldn’t put a price tag on it.

The Secret Society’s number one goal is to help a select few, those who have just the right traits, to become the best they can be in every area of life. That’s why they’re making this secret available to you, and a few others lucky enough to have been selected, for virtually pennies.

I shared this story about my success from the Secret Society’s Inner Secrets because, as I dictate this letter, I am sitting in one of the most gorgeous homes you can imagine, looking over the mountains and meadows and valleys of my custom estate, in what I call paradise; one of the prettiest places on earth.

I’m happier today than I ever have been.

I now have a wonderful, loving, romantic relationship, a very successful business, loyal friends, and total peace of mind. And, deep in my heart, as a fellow member, I want you to experience these things too. I want you to be happy. I want you to have your dreams come true in your life!

Maybe you’ve been praying for this opportunity, maybe you’ve been wishing for this opportunity. Maybe you always dreamed of hitting the lottery or finding Aladdin’s lamp and having that magic genie make all of your wishes and dreams come true. Well, today is your lucky day! Your ship has come in; all you have to do is take advantage of it.

One more thing, when you’re watching TV, I want you to wonder who I am. I will tell you this; you’ll be able to tell if you look into my eyes. Just look for the man on television who is totally, I00% at peace.

Your Friend,