Yoko Ono Is 80!

Yoko Ono, the extravagant widow of ex-Beatle John Lennon, not only has a new album out (It’s called Take Me To The Land Of Hell) but is visiting Australia this weekend for the first time in her life. She’s giving an exhibition of Art as well as a lecture at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday.

The new album is fairly typical Ono style.

It’s very listenable and you could say, danceable.



Cheshire Cat Cry


Bad Dancer

Little Boy Blue Your Daddy’s Gone

There’s No Goodbye Between Us

7th Floor

N.Y. Noodle Town

Take Me To The Land Of Hell

Watching The Dawn

Leaving Tim

Shine, Shine

It’s produced by her son Sean Lennono, with help from members of the Beastie Boys band.

It’s available as a download from Chimera Music for less than $15.