Living In The Material World

It’s been quite a ride since Winter ended…..and now it’s a couple months later with the New Year about to come. Christmas was uneventful; just a procession of passing images with nothing in particular to grab onto, not even the presents.

I didn’t even take a drink!

But the strange weather didn’t let up at all.

I believe in Climate Change, being something that’s going to be no-good for everyone, eventually, when it takes hold. And to date, it’s manifested as unusually dry Winter, or unusually wet/cool Summer; hardly any storms to speak of, and clouds seem to be what’s missing the most. I really miss seeing cloud formations hovering low in the sky, like they used to do quite a lot back in the early 70s.

I’m going to have a few beers tonight, seeing as how it’s New Year Eve. I don’t think I’ll get plastered or anything even vaguely resembling such a condition. I’m not used to alcohol any more, whereas in the 90s I was a veritable raging alcoholic and loved to drink. I was also quite convinced as to the truth concerning the teachings of Maharishi and believed in the practice of the meditation his organization disseminated. Now, I’m so far from convinced you might as well call me a skeptic or even a non-believer.

I sort of gave up drink at around the same time I started to question whether or not there was anything of value in the teachings of the Maharishi. I went at it hammer and claw, and literally chopped down the tree of belief from the roots up. I started by examining, in a more or less objective fashion, the people I knew who did it, and they scored quite badly. Very few were what you’d call normal, while most had some major personality disorder.

I didn’t do very much as a result of my re-evaluation though. I simply gave up drink, with the proviso that I’d be amenable to smoking grass were I lucky enough to ever get any. I also stopped being impressed by famous cultural entities. That was easier said than done because for many many years, I’d been a follower rather than a leader or teacher, and I tended to take my cues from the so-called cultural heroes everyone has got to know through the media. In particular, I had a re-think about Bob Dylan and George Harrison. It might seem rather distant, but Dylan had had quite an effect on my life ever since I went to see him in a concert in this home town of mine, back in 1978. It was just before his religious conversion took place, and it kind of swept me along when it happened. I bought all the albums and listened to them thoroughly, usually with the aid of several bottles of beer! But with my re-think, I started out getting rid of a belief in Dylan simply because of his vast media persona. Then along came the Web and I was able to get a hold of every album he ever released and for free; and when it comes to you like that, the listening experience is slightly different to usual. You can be more objective and actually start to pigeon hole things according to your actual likes and dislikes. I liked music, itself. Dylan’s stuff was less than innovative overall. And I found myself disliking a lot of it just because it sounded boring.

Getting music for free kind of defeats the purpose of what the whole scene was about during these last 30 or 40 years; when the whole point seemed to be to sell lots of records and make lots of money. Paul McCartney is a very good example of it. I’ve been able to get a whole lot of his recent stuff and have noticed that it’s all inconsistent; there’s not one particular style of music he does. He indulges in everything from trad-jazz through to hi brow orchestral stuff and it’s all rather bland and unimaginative. It’s not the sort of music I’d go out to buy, at any price!

Movies are slightly different.

50 years ago –1963—you’d be lucky to see a movie which was all in focus! 70 years ago almost every film was shot out of focus simply because of the limitations of the equipment used. But since the late 60s there’s been a virtual revolution in movie making that has enabled them to produce in-focus stuff along with animations that are so life-like you find it easy to believe. The Lord of the Rings business exemplifies this. The films have taken in huge sums of money, over a billion dollars! and 5 movies down the track, the latest release is a Hobbit movie and the business it’s done since Boxing day has been staggering. Just why anyone would go to the lengths they have to create these movies is anyone’s guess. It cost them over 500 million dollars to produce 3 movies, and although they did more than a billion in business, nothing in the world has changed! For that amount of cold, hard cash, you could have solved a major part of world poverty and hunger overnight. Maharishi has said that he could solve world poverty and hunger for less than 3 billion dollars, making his scheme much cheaper than most. But with the movies of The Lord of the Rings, no actual social issues have been confronted or solved and so it seems rather futile that they went to the extremes they did in making these films.

I’ve read Tolkien’s books, and although they were fascinating you couldn’t say they didn’t arise from somewhere. The author was, after all, a devoted Catholic who believed in the Bible. So, his stories can appear as if they were based upon New Testament prophecy. Because as stories, they are rather run of the mill anyway.

To posit the world as being black and white, with absolute good and evil, is to deny reality. But that’s one reason for the popularity of the stories; they bring you to a world that is completely unlike the real world, where everything appears relative. But I don’t hold much hope for the future anymore, because all our values appear to be based upon trial and error experimentation, to see what works and what doesn’t. Whereas in the long run, there is nothing to hold you to any specific path or creed. Society is what goes on after the individual’s demise, and it isn’t a construct but rather is an effect, and mostly arose out of trial and error experimentation.


The Red Book

In September 2010, the US Library of Congress, held a Video presentation regarding the release of the publication of Carl Jung’s “The Red Book”. (Library of Congress webpage.) This broadcast described events leading up to the publication of the book, as well as giving a historical oversight on the works of Jung.

The Red Book is a collection of writings and drawings done by Jung when he lived in Switzerland. It is based upon his “dream” work, and is very elaborately illustrated. The so-called drawings, are often very skillfully completed paintings, which were inspired by dream images Jung experienced. The book became available as a printed object in 2010 with the cheapest edition costing over $300.

It also became available as a PDF file over 150 Mb in size! This edition could be obtained for nothing via the Internet, and contained everything the original book did. I have included some images from it, for your viewing pleasure:

redbook-image for blog-5redbook-image for blog-4

redbook-image for blog-3redbook-image for blog-2

redbook-image for blog-1

Psychiatric Abuse – Oz

Things seem to be getting worse in Australia so far as Psychiatry is concerned, that is if you have any ideas of being against it. If you’re for it, you’ll feel that things are improving almost month by month. It all came to a head a couple years ago when they made a Psychiatrist, Australian Of The Year; and he just went off the rails, to espouse his plans to have virtually all teenagers screened for potential mental illness. He was on TV regularly, talking about how much money would be needed to adequately canvas the population, so as to prevent out-breaks of mental illness as far as possible. He talked about it as if this was necessary, as needed as “defense”, “police” and “social security.”

There was no opposing point of view, however, and so there were never any debates, just an AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR, telling people how much was needed to combat the rise in mental-illness – particularly amongst teenagers and even younger citizens! And this was taken in all seriousness, without there being anyone voicing anything negative about his plans. It was crazy!

No one had ever heard of him, before they made him AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR, and he took the appointment as being his passport to the Australian media, so that he could give out his Philosophy and General Outlook on Life; and it was all very negative and depressing, because he saw the world as being divided into two camps: those with a mental illness or the potential to develop one, and those without a mental illness. For those in the first category, he had no qualms about drugging them, or even providing electro-shock treatment! After all, this was not some enlightened Buddha or Holy Man come down from the Mountain of God, but was a hack, practicing Psychiatrist, who earned his bread and butter by writing prescriptions for patients and of course, by seeing patients.

I have included a link here to a publication you can obtain from the Citizens Committee on Human Rights Australian website: CCHR Website.. It’s short at 48 pages in PDF format and gives a clear brief as to why Psychiatry sometimes seems to get very high profile in the public media.

This is the PDF I just mentioned, CLICK HERE TO OPEN-DOWNLOAD.

Nelson Mandella Is Dead @ 95

They had the Live-feed on state owned TV here of the Nelson Mandella memorial service, from around 6pm to midnight. I saw a little of it, but couldn’t get myself terribly interested.

Today was a special one because I got a DVD from CCHR, Sydney, called “Manufacturing Madness.” It’s about 2 hours 50 minutes long, and has 3 parts. I managed to watch part 1, and then I had to go out to buy a replacement headlight assembly as mine got smashed in a low speed collision that took place about 5 months ago. Well, the auto parts shop was on the other side of town on Churchill Road and it only took me 9 minutes to reach it. A placed called Jap Parts. To my surprise I found it was all locked up. I asked someone about it and he said the owner was home sick. So I just left and went about 500 yards to a petrol station to get some fuel. The price of the stuff has gone up by about 20% in the last year and it’s getting too expensive. I got myself a few litres and drove off and returned home 15 minutes later. The DVD had been playing while I was out and was now up to part 2, but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Instead, I listened to it and started to nod off, until I literally fell asleep. It was interesting, but the type of stuff was everything you’d heard already. The point was that Psychiatry isn’t real medicine and the drugs prescribed are very dangerous. You can find out more, about what DVD movies are available at this CCHR web address. Just click on this text! 

lubo self portrait