Big Brother Is Watching!

The novel by George Orwell, 1984, was good reading back in the 60s, and now is even better as a performance sound piece comprising 9 discs.

Disc 1 is just great!

The book is a real mind bender & you should read it as often as you can.

In the meantime here’s a couple audio samples from the New Audio Book:

Click this link to access 3 audio files from the Audio Book of “1984”. These audio files are in the WMA format, Windows Media Audio, and are very small but high quality. Keep this link in mind because I’ll be posting more of the audio book.


On The Move

I got a copy of the Scientology magazine, IMPACT, through the mail the other day.

It’s supposed to be sent to you if you hold a membership; you can either pay at least $500 a year for that privilege, or you can take advantage of their offer & get a six month free membership.

As far as I can see, the only reward you get by being a “member” is the magazine that arrives quite infrequently. There was some mention somewhere of reduced fees for Scientology Dianetics services too.

The latter can be expensive! Books can set you back a thousand dollars, while actual courses or services can go into the multi thousands.

I’ve never availed myself of such courses or services, so I don’t know what their effectiveness may be. Some say they are the best. Life saving, in point of fact. But I don’t know.

Anyway, this edition of IMPACT contained the usual horror stories about state run mental health services; and how things were slowly getting changed by the efforts of Scientologists. According to the magazine, Scientologists are the only people on the planet who have a workable technology when it comes to dealing with Mental Illnesses.

What their success stories basically are about, is how they have gotten rid of electro convulsive shock treatments in mental health services; in particular, they have targeted countries which had compulsory treatment laws. Where you could be detained under Mental Health Laws, and be subjected to electro shock treatments without your consent.

Impact claims that Electro Shock therapy damages the brain itself, and doesn’t provide any sort of cure for any real conditions. Any appearance of change is caused by the damage the treatment does to the organic living brain tissue, and that’s why Impact is so hard against it.

In some places, new laws have been written and put into effect, that makes it illegal to give such treatments without consent.

I suppose it’s a victory of sorts for the Scientologists.

Bob Dylan in Adelaide 31/8/14

Last Sunday, Bob Dylan gave a performance concert at the Entertainment Centre in Brompton, East of the city. He had been doing an Australian tour and mostly that involved larger venues of at least 5,000. The Entertainment centre can easily handle 10,000, but towards the middle of last week, they began to advertise tickets for sale to the concert for only $59. You couldn’t book, of course, but could only get your tickets from the door.

Dylan’s been in Adelaide a few times I can recall. I actually went to see one show that was held in an open air venue, in the 70s, which had a crowd of about 25,000. The problem was that the seating was so very far from the stage, and without binoculars you couldn’t see a thing. Just small points of light on a far away stage.

Anyway, it had been a rather cold July/August, with temperatures going to down to as low as minus 3 degrees; and that’s extremely cold for Adelaide which is supposed to have a Mediterranean type of climate. And then towards the end of August the sun came out and there were 12 days of sunshine continuously with temperatures reaching 24 degrees C. It was warm enough to wear shirt sleeves.

My younger brother has Terminal Cancer and lives about 80 Kms south of the city in a small country town situated on the coast, named Normanville; and I have been visiting him every couple of weeks. Instead of going to see bob Dylan I had to go see my brother and as I spent the night at his house, didn’t have enough time to attend the concert.


However, that same night, about 2 hours after the show had ended, with a stadium only 60% full, film of the concert was posted on-line. It wasn’t very good because whoever shot it, didn’t hold the camera still, didn’t have an anti-shake filter turned on, and used too much zooming in and out in an attempt to get a reasonable picture image of Bob Dylan. But of course that didn’t work at all.

The sound, on the other hand, wasn’t too bad. The video camera had recorded the concert in high quality 224 Kb/s MP3, or at least that’s what was attached to the video file that was posted on-line.

I watch about 35 minutes of it, but because of the very poor camera work, couldn’t hold on for any longer and just got a few snapshots of Bob Dylan on the stage.

That night was warm, but by Monday morning everything was back to normal, and it was raining and was cold as ever.

It’s been raining ever since!