Got ADSL Broadband

I got wired broadband turned on a couple weeks ago; took them 9 days to actually get it coming into my house, because the phone wires had been labelled by TELSTRA a couple years ago, and mine were mismatched, or something. The broadband company came out within 3 days to flick the switch to turn the service on, but nothing happened and they had to send a technician out, 2 days later. He didn’t exactly speak English as a first language, and so he somehow missed a small tag that’d been attached to my phone line in the switch box. He wired my place to a line he believed was mine – the right one and just went away. I had to phone the company interstate and tell them the problem and they had to arrange for a Telstra technician to come examine the whole wiring set up. 3 days later around 8am there was someone ringing my front door bell, and I went to check out who it was only to find another technician. This one, however, had already found the problem, because he claims he had personally placed tags on  my phone line all those years ago. It was a simple matter for him to merely switch which lines were connected to my place, and after he did it, the phone and the broadband began to work.
After the initial surge of interest, I couldn’t think of anything I could do with the broadband. I didn’t wish to watch a live streaming of a movie; didn’t want to buy any music, didn’t want to watch any TV or download any of it either. The only thing I changed was my settings for Windows Update. I had turned it off because I was using a USB Mobile wireless broadband connection with very limited data allowances. But now I turned it “ON” and let it start checking. It came back 10 minutes later saying I needed 1.5 Gigs of updates! So, I agreed to install them all, adjusted the Power settings so the computer wouldn’t turn off after being idle for 10 minutes, and went out in my car. I expected it would take at least 35 minutes to download all the updates, and then, maybe another 15 minutes to actually install them all. So, I went to the shops, bought a newspaper, had a coke and read it through leisurely and when finished, returned home. Having been away for a good 30 minutes. To my surprise all the updates had been installed and the computer was sitting there waiting for me to allow it to re-start, so it could configure everything. Seems the ADSL I had signed up for allowed Microsoft to download it’s stuff – updates – at more than 1.3 MB/s, a speed unheard of during the entire time I had used Mobile broadband. And the plan I have signed on for, isn’t a high speed or high data one, just a standard speed, reasonable volume ADSL always on broadband service with phone….$10 more than what I’d been paying for the Wireless service.