Courtney Love

I discovered HOLE the other day. I was looking for information about Nirvana, & the front man who killed himself a few years ago. It turns out his wife was also a rock and roller, and now has 5 or 6 albums to her credit. Celebrity Skin is great…. you have to “learn” how to enjoy it though. Her sound is better than Nirvana ever was, and her lyrics are less depressed. Less pretentious.

I’ve become quite interested and curious about women’s pop music in recent years; Madonna started to turn me on last year with the movie The Confessions Tour, and then Taylor Swift surprised me with very catchy pop songs that came out of no-where; Annie Lennox was good, too, but because she was so closely linked to Stewart she wasn’t really considered a female artists in her own right. Adele was another one… she’s not exactly pop, but nevertheless quite a strong performer. Cyndi Lauper was there for many years, but in recent times has changed into a more mellow woman, possibly because she’s now wealthy, successful, married and even has a baby daughter! But HOLE is great, not pop, or even old rock and roll, but something more real.hole-1