Willie Nelson’s Own Brand

According to news reports here in Adelaide, the famous US pop star Willie Nelson, has his own brand named Marijuana; and he has a plantation. Seems grass is legalized in a few US states and one in particular is where Willie is to be found.
Its really quite remarkable how grass has been decriminalized all over the place; that doesn’t mean it’s ‘legal’ though, it just means, for the time being, that no prosecutions will result from possession. It’s gone past medical marijuana, you see. Down to smoking for pleasure. With expectations, according to the article I saw, of eventually being as big as Big Tobacco was in the early 70s.
While I’m on BIG BUSINESS, I should point out the extraordinary headlines this week about “the largest profit in the history of business” being ascribed to Apple with a total of more than 15 Billion in the first quarter only, of this year. Multiply that by 4 and you come up with a figure for the year, at over 60 Billion. You might ask yourself how is it possible to do that much business, legally, and one answer would be that Apple jacks up the prices of their goods by anything up to 200%. There’s no other way to explain this huge profit for the last 3 months. They don’t sell billions of computers and phones, and if you’ve ever tried buying some of their stuff you’ll know how their prices are through the roof for even the most mundane and unsurprising products. Sure, but they do look good don’t they? And that’s a major part of their marketing: making their products fashionable.
But in electronics? I hear you ask…