Chrome Cast & YouTube

I’ve been very tense these last few days because 1. the weather here is getting so cold & 2. I bought a USB dongle called a Chrome-Cast and spent a couple days trying to set it up. Even bought another Wireless card thinking my present one must be faulty or just not advanced enough. Eventually I just went to the help page and looked for troubleshooting tricks and found 2 answers. Applied both, even though one was tricky, and immediately was able to complete my set-up of the Cast dongle, so that I could begin to stream stuff to my HD TV.

The drawback is that this dongle will only stream stuff in their webpage; you can get other dongles for the same money that allow you to stream from any enabled application, including Windows Media Player. Much more convenient.

But Chrome had something in mind when they designed this thing and I found what that was when I went to YouTube. Until now I’ve been downloading videos and then using a USB stick or even a DVD, to play them back through my TV which is in the other room. But today I was able to stream a 2 hour concert direct from YouTube and it worked really well. The audio was a little lacking in clarity, and the picture had lost some of its sharpness and contrast, but even so, it was one of the best concert films I’ve ever seen. Look it up yourself.

Plus it was “immediate” and simple to do, rather than all that downloading and copying to a portable device etc.

It was Lou Reed 1984 live, somewhere in New York.