I read that “book”…

It’s really fascinating stuff even for a kid to read. Einstein’s theory about trains and all of that. It’s interesting, if you’re “into” advanced maths and etc etc and very abstract stuff. [my reading age on it was 8 or 9. Those guys who are hear again? They doing that again. Last street sign they bent was sort of Sheldon Street. But did they bend Broad Street sign? of course not, they LOVE 2B crazed Paul McCartney fans who know it all]


I’m not going there…

Seriously Rolling Stone, I am not going to “heaven” even when it’s a local nightclub, and as 4 “paradise” etc. Nope, this isn’t a “living hell” to quote a poet etc. This planet is actually lower than that. Not even a Buddhist has a concept about it. No one, no religion or political philosophy has either. As for TV? its radio with pictures, wasn’t it? [red button] I sure hope there’s a hell, it’d be a step up from this planet. No not the space station either. [ps the reason I have to say this is because of a very long term procedure the PMs [both parties] of this country have done to me.] Don’t 4get the PM of England/wales/scotland is actually a political saint etc.

I wonder where that comment I made “Point taken re: nekta” went 2. Scene it on TV, from interstate.

Julian Assange

His job is to stick to the facts! The facts as they pertain to himself, that is. What are those facts? well, he’s “really” a guy called Krishna who’s having a lilla with 2 gopees, who happen to be of Swedish extraction. Hence, his background.

Australia as a “nation” has a policy of being “extremely kind” to birth defective people. Sadly Julian Assange is one of those.

I mean he’s now a world wide retard, isn’t he?

[Confidentially I couldn’t find anything in any of his files about the background he had. Something to do with the British Royal Family, I believe is how the “cult” saw themselves]

But it’s a good song isn’t it Julian Assange? Rosemary etc Parsley Sage & time, no he says. It’s about “me.” His closest friends were black men etc.

Charles Manson is in prison and hopefully is going to stay there forever, unless he confesses. But it’s not Julian Assange either, is it? It’s Julian Lennon, a “family” member to Johnny Lennon of the Beatels and later a solo artiste.

I wrote a protest letter yesterday to a publisher in Detroit. I got the book from “the library” and held it for a moment, “saw through it” wrote my protest letter, posted the protest letter and then “glanced” through the book to make sure I had made a correction assumption.

Retards of the World UNITE!!!!

(PS. I would say something about Scientology only there is no church of Scientology here apart from when Con Polites rented them some office space in town. But Madonna baby, love the way your Facebook people work!!! It didn’t catch fire etc.)

This isn’t about “myself” it’s about the “anti-christ”

Now some parties have invested a lot of effort and signage into this area to make it seem like some type of John Lennon song, that one about the number 666. They want it 2B an eye doctor who was later a state “premier.” That’s the problem with “those types” they always want 2B the center of attention and YR thoughts, and if they can’t do it one way, they’ll do it another. But I don’t think what’s his name, despite Vietnam, is the same “666” as the actual “one” who has the “marx” of the Beast. I mean, mark. The Marx thing comes from an inside joke between Bill Gates and “myself.” Place called Mt. Gambier. Look it up in an Atlas.

So, rather than spend any more time on “666” or even the “mark” of the beast, I wanted to attempt to tell a real story about the Travelling Wilbury’s band.

I am actually quite computer illiterate, U C.

I can build a computer from scratch, hardware wise, but as for the software stuff, only a woman would bother getting into it and become an expert.

Well, this gonna be a short “blog.” Along with a few “Asahi” beers. You can get em for about the same price beer once upon a time was; like maybe 1978 or 79.

2 feet from the well?

Whoever wrote it or sang it knows something about “my history” but it’s not about me, the story U C, the “story” is about the one who has the mark of the beast and the BIG revelation is it’s a “female.”

Like I said they have gone to a lot of trouble with signage in this street to emphasise that point.

But I want to tell the story about the Travelling Willbury’s.

Let’s C. How did it begin?

Most likely with a beer and of course a letter from a “guy” named Ganga. A real Hare Krsna “follower” devotee etc. U know they “stalk” people? Well, that’s the entire story.

Welcome to “my gang” and thank goodness I never heard from Hare Krsna devotee Ganga again.

Luckily for George Harrison he was able to “piss of” fairly quickly, so no questions could be asked or any more donations made. Afterall they did manage to get him to give them an estate etc. Like he financed it all, in UK didn’t he? More or less.

Speaking of the old Moore store, what’s it now? The courts?

I really am a “rhode island” scholar. One day I might get around to explaining what they want me to say about US history, of recent times, but hopefully I won’t need to. This blog isn’t designed to make money is it?

PS> to “those” who commented about Tim Leary? Ashes in space or whatever? (1) his “church” also has a chapter on Osmond Terrace, Norwood here. (2) Did I critic Ash Ra at all? Nope I just said the PM of Australia invested a lot of effort into maintaining what amounts to an optical illusion, which newspapers here would have seen through 300% and found it as funny as hell.

Who would know that “someone I met” has the mark of the Beast on her cheek? Only someone who can see the optical illusion I guess etc etc.

That “headline” above? People have been walking up to me for 35 years at least saying that to me, but not completing the sentence. They say, It’s not about you…. never mentioning who exactly it is about.

My suggestion is go listen to the albums. You will also find that Roy Orbison still “sounded good” despite his advanced age etc etc etc.

PPSS. The Secret Garden, is a poem. You got that wrong 2. So do U.