George Harrison

I was never truly a follower of The Beatles in their hey day. It was largely due to the fact of my age, their target audience was teenage girls, and I was neither. I did hear some of their pop songs on the radio though. My sister and her friends attended one of the concerts held here by them. It seems they were to do two concerts on the same day, and she got to go to the early one. She went with Sonia, and Pat and one more I don’t remember the name.

By 1970 I did get curious about George Harrison and bought his records whenever they came out. His Concert For Bangladesh was good, and All Things Must Pass convinced me he was a sincere seeker of the Truth. He was also imparting Truth via his song lyrics.

One of his first albums was Living In The Material World, and had songs about his first LSD experience at the hands of his dentist. It really was a departure from the norm so far as contemporary pop lyrics were concerned, because he broached topics about God and how his life had changed once he surrendered to Lord Krishna. The song about “how he had changed” was plaintiff and hauled a lot of different emotions. And because of George Harrison I started looking into the same things he had already explored.

Things like the literature of the Hare Krishna society, the meditation techniques taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Self Realization Fellowship.

Hare Krsna


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