You never know what’s right…

Sometimes you just “fight” without knowing if you are right.

I learned this lesson aged 9 years, circa 1963, when one afternoon the teacher organised a class-room debate on the topic of “Are sweets/lollies good for you?”

I was chosen to argue that they were, good for you, and produced a number of points to back my claim. Everyone knows, though, that eating sweets/lollies is bad for you, because apart from all else, they can rot your teeth. They can also contribute to obesity as well as type ll Diabetes. To counter these “everyone knows” facts, I introduced the idea of taking responsibility for one’s own body and health. I didn’t try to say eating sweets was good for you per se, but rather argued that the negative effects, such as teeth rotting, could be overcome by simple adhesion to rules of personal cleanliness and hygiene. Your teeth only rot after eating sweets because you haven’t washed off the food acids which are formed by the sugar in the sweet when you begin to digest them in your mouth. I also noted that the brain, itself, only uses glucose to function, and since glucose is very much like sugar, it becomes apparent that eating sweets is good for your brain too!

And as for the possibility of Type ll Diabetes? I said that if you didn’t over indulge in sweets and got regular exercise you’d be fine.

I knew inside myself that the “case” I was arguing was very weak and not what I actually believed was true either; but when the debate was over, the teacher acclaimed me the winner.

The case for eating sweets was accepted as being “correct.”

hare krsna


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