evolution gives way to science

The root of evolution is change, blind change that nevertheless does follow set-down criteria; they are determined by where the entity is on the upward evolutionary spiral of life.

There can be no downward evolutionary spiral. Life would not “choose” to go backwards on changes already made. To regress.

The “logic” which evolutionary change manifests is truly astonishing. It seems that “life” can externalise support mechanisms in the form of written words, machines and an aural tradition. But you have to differentiate between the goal and “the path.”

I don’t believe evolution has yet reached it’s pinnacle of success but has brought “life” to the current state so that science can play a larger role in all future evolutionary changes. Looked at in other ways, all religions had their basis in pro-evolutionary “words” including the Buddha’s. These “teachings” were able to rapidly progress the living entity to the current state, where for example, we see that some scientifically validated study called “medicine” can cure many ills which in earlier epochs in some cases were said to be caused by possession by Lucifer and his angels. Likewise, food production, clothing, and the rather new invention of transport are all solidly based on scientific knowledge.

The Earth’s population is now over 4 billion people; whereas 25,000 years ago “human’s” numbered less than 2 million. Part of evolution’s logic involved increasing the numbers of humans as well as their life expectancy. To my mind, therefore, all religions acted to further the evolutionary changes and this in no small part embraced all the do’s and don’ts of the male/female relationship. I don’t think that these religions have reached their use-by-date yet, but all the signs suggest they are almost in a death-throw reaction to scientific achievement, which many have used to say that religious scriptures are simply “rough” estimates of underlying scientific truths man had yet to realize. They have used modern rationality to show how many religious rules and regulations have some utility in furthering the life of the species of Humankind.

But such a situation of stasis cannot endure for long. Nature has a way of restoring things to a balance which is not precarious, and to my mind the current situations of religion and also of governments are so finely “balanced” they appear to be on the verge of collapse. Or, on the verge of “going back” to a previous stage where some change took place that brought us to where we are today.

Is there any purpose in life? Beyond the “purely evolutionary”?

Does life have any meaning? Beyond the “purely evolutionary”?

Is “GOD” merely  “unknown laws of nature” which as such impinge on the mind of man to give him revelation and inspiration? Where all actual advances in knowledge have been made using the scientific method, usually involving trial and error?

One thing for sure, it looks like Mankind is at the crossroads where it is being told [encouraged and perhaps even coerced] to “let go” of the past doctrines which helped evolve us to where we all are now, not withstanding “scientific socialism.” Or, e.g. something popular in the 1700s in Britain – Monopoly Capital


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