Eye of the Cyclone taken-over

I’ve been following a Word-press blog for a few years called “Digital Seance” which you can reach via the link below.

Digital-Seance — EYE OF THE CYCLONE

It was recently taken over by an Indian student living in Europe with agreement from the original owner Hairo, who’d been running it for over 8 years. It was quite a successful blog with more than 800,000 hits. You could read many fascinating articles, but in particular the author had a deep interest in the life and works of Gurdjieff and had gathered together some rare works on his teachings. The blog gave links to download books and had a movie link, too.

Gurdjieff had written 2 or 3 major books and had quite a following in Europe and USA. You can buy Ebooks from Hairo’s on-line bookstore at Radiantebooks for very reasonable prices. It has a collection of books by and about Gurdjieff as well as books on mysticism, the occult, UFO’s and some modern classics. There’s also a pod-cast page which features an investigation into a reported UFO incident at a high school in Victoria in the 60s that runs for about an hour.

Unfortunately, the Word-press blog take-over has already resulted in a new post from the new owner which is about as relevant to the site as a hole in the head. She’s put out a blog about the Nazis and their supposed interest in the Occult. It’s badly written, not very interesting, and shows an agenda. When you check-out the blog using the link I’ve provided above, you can read it and judge for yourself; the blog is well worth exploring, though, as it contains some fascinating bits and pieces and links. It was, basically, anti-establishment and it looks like the new owner is going to go establishment. That’s not surprising given the new owner’s background and personal history.

If you’re looking for material on Buddhism you can find it both on the blog and at Radiantebooks. If you’re interested in UFO’s there are some fairly rare books on the subject at Radiantebooks while the blog has had quite a few articles relating to the subject. Overall, it was an interesting site, it’s a shame it’s changed hands.


Meetings With Remarkable Men


MY FATHER WAS WIDELY KNOWN, during the final decades of
the last century and the beginning of this one, as an ashokh, that is, a
poet and narrator, under the nickname of ‘Adash’;
and although he was not a professional ashokh but only an amateur, he
was in his day very popular among the inhabitants of many countries of
Transcaucasia and Asia Minor.
Ashokh was the name given everywhere in Asia and the Balkan
peninsula to the local bards, who composed, recited or sang poems,
songs, legends, folk-tales, and all sorts of stories.
In spite of the fact that these people of the past who devoted
themselves to such a career were in most cases illiterate, having not
even been to an elementary school in their childhood, they possessed
such a memory and such alertness of mind as would now be considered
remarkable and even phenomenal.
They not only knew by heart innumerable and often very lengthy
narratives and poems, and sang from memory all their various melodies,
but when improvising in their own, so to say, subjective way, they hit
upon the appropriate rhymes and changes of rhythm for their verses
with astounding rapidity.
At the present time men with such abilities are no longer to be found
Even when I was very young, it was being said that they were
becoming scarcer and scarcer.

Gurdjieff’s book, Meetings With Remarkable Men……download