evolution gives way to science

The root of evolution is change, blind change that nevertheless does follow set-down criteria; they are determined by where the entity is on the upward evolutionary spiral of life.

There can be no downward evolutionary spiral. Life would not “choose” to go backwards on changes already made. To regress.

The “logic” which evolutionary change manifests is truly astonishing. It seems that “life” can externalise support mechanisms in the form of written words, machines and an aural tradition. But you have to differentiate between the goal and “the path.”

I don’t believe evolution has yet reached it’s pinnacle of success but has brought “life” to the current state so that science can play a larger role in all future evolutionary changes. Looked at in other ways, all religions had their basis in pro-evolutionary “words” including the Buddha’s. These “teachings” were able to rapidly progress the living entity to the current state, where for example, we see that some scientifically validated study called “medicine” can cure many ills which in earlier epochs in some cases were said to be caused by possession by Lucifer and his angels. Likewise, food production, clothing, and the rather new invention of transport are all solidly based on scientific knowledge.

The Earth’s population is now over 4 billion people; whereas 25,000 years ago “human’s” numbered less than 2 million. Part of evolution’s logic involved increasing the numbers of humans as well as their life expectancy. To my mind, therefore, all religions acted to further the evolutionary changes and this in no small part embraced all the do’s and don’ts of the male/female relationship. I don’t think that these religions have reached their use-by-date yet, but all the signs suggest they are almost in a death-throw reaction to scientific achievement, which many have used to say that religious scriptures are simply “rough” estimates of underlying scientific truths man had yet to realize. They have used modern rationality to show how many religious rules and regulations have some utility in furthering the life of the species of Humankind.

But such a situation of stasis cannot endure for long. Nature has a way of restoring things to a balance which is not precarious, and to my mind the current situations of religion and also of governments are so finely “balanced” they appear to be on the verge of collapse. Or, on the verge of “going back” to a previous stage where some change took place that brought us to where we are today.

Is there any purpose in life? Beyond the “purely evolutionary”?

Does life have any meaning? Beyond the “purely evolutionary”?

Is “GOD” merely  “unknown laws of nature” which as such impinge on the mind of man to give him revelation and inspiration? Where all actual advances in knowledge have been made using the scientific method, usually involving trial and error?

One thing for sure, it looks like Mankind is at the crossroads where it is being told [encouraged and perhaps even coerced] to “let go” of the past doctrines which helped evolve us to where we all are now, not withstanding “scientific socialism.” Or, e.g. something popular in the 1700s in Britain – Monopoly Capital


Sarah Mares & Divine Light Mission

Early in the 70s a phenomenon called THE DIVINE LIGHT MISSION was being propagated largely by word of mouth, as the 2nd Coming. It was all based upon the idea that humans are by nature “curious.” And so only enough to whet their appetites was made public, so that they’d be compelled to spend time trying to find out what it was all about.

In 1972 I was at Adelaide university, part of a Social experiment the Labour Party had created when they won the general election. For the first time in the history of Australia, universities were open to anyone who’s grades were good enough, regardless of their socio-economic background. Until then only the well off members of society went to a university, and almost always did courses designed to give them rewarding employment which didn’t require much physical effort on their part. I, however, was one of the people who obtained a placement because of my exam results, and as such was provided with a completely free university education. As a result, I spent most of my time studying “politics” and “American literature.”

One day Professor Mares suggested I visit him at home and so when I followed this up I was introduced to his two daughters, Helen and Sarah. This encounter produced hardly any impression upon me, though.

While I studied “monopoly capital” and poets like Edgar Allen Poe, I found myself hearing stories about Sarah that I always kept in the back of my mind; she was holding meetings, it was said, in a small hall in town for something called The Divine Light Mission while also studying Psychiatry. Just that much information about her seemed to make her seem “odd.”

I found out, or was informed, in 1976 that Sarah was in fact the “leader” of the Divine Light Mission of Adelaide and held a post not unlike recruitment supervisor. She had also graduated in the field of Psychiatry, and to my mind revealed a conflict between her so-called professional life of Psychiatry and her so-called private life as the Leader of the Divine Light Mission. Meanwhile, the D.L.M. as it came to be called was being attacked in virtually all the popular print media, so much so that a “rebuttal” book got published outlining what benefits the central aspect of their “teaching” provided. The whole thrust was about gaining “Knowledge” which could only be “transmitted” by the guru in his physical presence, and was presented in the book as if it were simply, or merely, another form of “meditation” of the Maharishi variety. Knowledge was “good” for you because it quietened down your thoughts and gave you insights into yourself, and provided a link between “you” and the “master” who at that time was going under the “title” Guru Maharaji. International “festivals” were held, with Millenium ‘73 in Texas being the largest with over 300,000 people attending.

If you stop to examine the figures that must have been involved, you see that it’s multimillion dollars, and that’s not even how much it costs to gain “knowledge” or to put yourself in the “correct” mental framework to accept the transmission from the Guru should he believe you’re ready, and some people spent 2 or 3 years just in preparation!

So Sarah was almost running a small corporation and quite large amounts of money were passing through her hands; of course that didn’t mean she was corrupt. No! She was a fanatic certainly, but quite literally obtained no benefit from all her years as “leader.” But I would often in the 80s and more recently ponder upon how many people’s lives did she help ruin by getting them curious about this “bogus” knowledge, which when all was said and done became nothing more than accepting your “place” as a “premie” in direct relationship with the Guru who was to always remain as your superior. Later on in the 90s the Guru used several different “titles” and set-up corporations to handle large sums of “donations.” All the “followers” were simply discarded! And society became much worse off now that “the Guru Disciple” relationship had become a part of its fabric. Slavery, you might say, had been re-introduced again!

Hey it’s my birthday…

You’ll never guess that today’s my Sixty Second birthday. Yep that’s right, I was born at 3am 62 years ago, on this very day. It took place on Fullarton Road, opposite the horse race track, inside the Maternity Hospital there in the suburb of Rose Park. They tell me I was 2 months premature and wasn’t allowed “home” for 6 weeks. Was in a humid-crib for 4 weeks. Back then, the family lived either on Greenhill Road or nearby Palmerston Road, I’m not sure; but I do know we lived in both places at one time or another. The Palmerston Road place was the first piece of property my parents bought here. It was a very very small workman’s cottage type of place in the middle of a reasonably well to do area; at the other end of the street were houses of 5 to 10 rooms, and at the other other end, there were houses of 3 to 6 rooms. One house always got my attention as it was the biggest house on the street, and a girl lived there along with her parents. Maybe her name was Elizabeth Lone, I’m not sure; but she never invited me into her house and we never really hung out together. We just knew that each other existed in almost the same space. Her house, though, had a small creek running along it’s Northern side; this creek had been modified by the council into a concrete lined run-off storm water drain. It was about 10 feet wide at its widest part, and around 5 feet deep, and most of the time was completely bone dry. Algae didn’t even grow in it due to a complete lack of water, caused by all the “plumbing” the council had done to it. Sometimes in Winter, though, it would fill up and run really fast, mainly from water that had fallen miles and miles away. After all, it was one of the few major drainage channels on the south side of town that existed. On those sorts of days I’d go and stand near the fence that protected you from falling in, and just watch the water rushing along, carrying all sorts of debris and junk with it. Eventually when I started going to school, they had me do a project about this creek and so I had some photos made and pasted them into a thin album with hand written descriptions of exactly its purpose and how well it performed that duty. Living in that street wasn’t easy at all, though. Our house was one of the smallest, and there were only 3 others the same size, all next to each other. On the Northern side lived a married couple from Ukraine who were called Auntie and Uncle; while on the Southern side there were 2 such houses which were identical. Right next door lived the Watts family, of 2 parents and 3 kids and next door to them was my actual Uncle and his wife and their 2 kids who were twins. My real life uncle was a surveyor, but he was also an immigrant from Europe and as such had hardly established himself, hence living in such modest quarters. After a few years he moved to a town that’d been set up completely as a Mining town for brown coal, Leigh Creek, and then a couple more years passed and he dropped dead of a heart attack when he wasn’t even yet in his 50s. I once spent a summer holiday staying with him and his family away up north and he had a regime of making “healthy” drinks from full cream milk, eggs, chocolate power and some other stuff. It was really a high fat low protein drink and is what killed him with clogged arteries. He must have been insured because after he was gone, his wife and the kids moved a couple thousand miles to Western Australia where they somehow managed to buy a substantial house they lived in for 20 years until she re-married and the kids had moved out into their own lives. We also moved, as did the Watts, but the so-called Auntie never did; her husband had been some kind of officer in WW 2, and he was about 20 years older than her and he died in the late 60s. She didn’t move after it happened and stayed there by herself until she became too old to cope with anything and someone had her placed in a care home. She had a stroke while there and went into a coma that lasted for years and years until she eventually passed away. I never actually saw her after 1972, except once when my father brought her to our house on Christmas day for a meal. She was really quite old by then, but wasn’t yet affected by dementia, so she ate heartily and then was driven home. I didn’t ever see her again, or even go to her funeral that was held in the newly built Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Greenhill Road, Wayville. My parents didn’t attend either. I have a sneaking suspicion there was only one person at the funeral, and she also one of those women we used to call “Godmother” even though she played no part in any Baptisms or was ever legally assigned that role. That immigrant outlived the “auntie” by 25 or 30 years! She used to walk every where, and into the city in particular which was at least a mile and a half away. Plus she had some type of menial employment, while the “aunt” never worked a day in her life in Australia, relying on the pension after her husband died. The last I heard of her was that she was amazingly still alive in her 80s and still as fit as a fiddle, with her golden corn coloured hair. Her husband, though, had died many years earlier, so you knew it wasn’t only a matter of diet, but also of exercise. The other thing about the “auntie” was how she started imagining things. She began to believe she had secret lovers and admirers; that she had secret wealth hidden somewhere, and that people were plotting against her to get it through illegal means.