a disease called Bob Dylan…

I remember wearing new boots… It was 1968ish and a high-school “camp” held over a weekend at Macclesfield, a small country town about as far south as Meadows. There were a couple teachers running it, but on the Saturday someone had been brought in to give a talk. We were staying on some kind of farm with accommodation split between boys and girls. Anyway, on the Saturday the son of the woman who ran the Theosophical Book store on King William Road, next door to Trims in the city, gave a presentation to further his theory that someone using the name Bob Dylan, was a poet.

The Theosophical Society used the rooms above the bookshop for their meetings, open to all. Trims was a clothes store similar but not exactly like, an army surplus. I have no idea how the son of the proprietor came to be giving a talk about Bob Dylan at our weekend holiday, either.

He was also interested in photography.

What he talked about was how you could define Bob Dylan as a poet, as if his song lyrics could be seen to be poetry. And he gave examples of “how” by quoting various songs.

We all sat around, me in my new boots, and just let him talk on and on about Bob Dylan. I had very little interest in poetry, you see, anyway. And I thought the weekend was going to be about hiking and relaxing with school friends.

But that was when the “disease” first entered my life to infect me. A disease called Bob Dylan. With words strung together in ways that could not be understood, no matter how hard you tried or how much leniency you gave him. It wasn’t until his “Christian revival” days in the 70s, or was it the 80s? that something he sang could appear to almost mean something. But even then, it came across as a disease, hitting the target which was the Vogue theatre on Belair Road, now used as a Christian Revival center. Over the years quite a few high earning US rock and rollers did songs about that “moonlight mile” of Unley to Belair Road, including Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.

So as poetry? it was pretty good “theosophy” whatever that is. Something about Madame Helena Blavatsky, a Russian psychic or spirit medium occultist or something.


evolution gives way to science

The root of evolution is change, blind change that nevertheless does follow set-down criteria; they are determined by where the entity is on the upward evolutionary spiral of life.

There can be no downward evolutionary spiral. Life would not “choose” to go backwards on changes already made. To regress.

The “logic” which evolutionary change manifests is truly astonishing. It seems that “life” can externalise support mechanisms in the form of written words, machines and an aural tradition. But you have to differentiate between the goal and “the path.”

I don’t believe evolution has yet reached it’s pinnacle of success but has brought “life” to the current state so that science can play a larger role in all future evolutionary changes. Looked at in other ways, all religions had their basis in pro-evolutionary “words” including the Buddha’s. These “teachings” were able to rapidly progress the living entity to the current state, where for example, we see that some scientifically validated study called “medicine” can cure many ills which in earlier epochs in some cases were said to be caused by possession by Lucifer and his angels. Likewise, food production, clothing, and the rather new invention of transport are all solidly based on scientific knowledge.

The Earth’s population is now over 4 billion people; whereas 25,000 years ago “human’s” numbered less than 2 million. Part of evolution’s logic involved increasing the numbers of humans as well as their life expectancy. To my mind, therefore, all religions acted to further the evolutionary changes and this in no small part embraced all the do’s and don’ts of the male/female relationship. I don’t think that these religions have reached their use-by-date yet, but all the signs suggest they are almost in a death-throw reaction to scientific achievement, which many have used to say that religious scriptures are simply “rough” estimates of underlying scientific truths man had yet to realize. They have used modern rationality to show how many religious rules and regulations have some utility in furthering the life of the species of Humankind.

But such a situation of stasis cannot endure for long. Nature has a way of restoring things to a balance which is not precarious, and to my mind the current situations of religion and also of governments are so finely “balanced” they appear to be on the verge of collapse. Or, on the verge of “going back” to a previous stage where some change took place that brought us to where we are today.

Is there any purpose in life? Beyond the “purely evolutionary”?

Does life have any meaning? Beyond the “purely evolutionary”?

Is “GOD” merely  “unknown laws of nature” which as such impinge on the mind of man to give him revelation and inspiration? Where all actual advances in knowledge have been made using the scientific method, usually involving trial and error?

One thing for sure, it looks like Mankind is at the crossroads where it is being told [encouraged and perhaps even coerced] to “let go” of the past doctrines which helped evolve us to where we all are now, not withstanding “scientific socialism.” Or, e.g. something popular in the 1700s in Britain – Monopoly Capital

Costa Gavras

This week I watched a movie DVD I got from the local library called, Z. “He lives”. Supposedly based on a real story which took place two months before the US JFK assassination; centred in Greece and some local election campaigning there. Sometimes the only place where you can get a taste of the TRUTH is via the media, you see. This director was given an Academy Award for Best Foreign picture. The library system here holds 2 other DVDs he did; MISSING, and The Axe.

MISSING is about a military junta which takes place in a South American country in the 70s, and how one specific American citizen vanishes and ultimately why. Gavras hints that the junta was directed by “special US security forces” and it was they who caused the US citizen in question to go missing, for reasons less to do with the politics of the situation and more with his personal relationship with an attractive American girl one of the “US advisers” has begun to “desire.”

Z, is less subtle though. The “accidental killing” of the liberal democratic candidate takes place in a town square before the eyes of at least a thousand spectators who have gathered to support him, or to protest against him. The candidate has been forewarned that an assassination attempt may be made against him, and this has been passed on to local security people in State police who also have assembled in the square in large numbers.

Then, of course, an accident appears to take place within everyone’s view and the candidate is sent to a local hospital with critical head injuries while his wife is summoned to be by his side in the emergency.

He then passes on due to the extensive nature of his head wounds, and an investigation begins to take shape. State authorities want to finalise it within a few days and have conveniently gathered sworn statements from various witnesses and also from the driver of the van which was blamed for the accident. Everything looked to be pre-arranged, and seemed to be an open and shut case of a drunk driver somehow finding himself in the square accidentally hitting the candidate thus causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head, thus sustaining life threatening injuries.

It’s at this point that the director Gavras introduces the element of the absurd using a local investigative judge who has been given the case to surmise. In Greece, where the events took place, it seems that a judge is always appointed to investigate serious crimes, rather than state police or security authorities. The investigative judge almost accepts the story as told to him, but notices several discrepancies between the driver’s statement and the statement from his passenger. It seems that everyone of note had been drinking at a local bar and all statements were actually made prior to the accident taking place!

The judge investigates how this could be so, and follows a path which brings him to look into a secret organisation more or less run by the head of the local Security agency. It is a quasi religious/monarchist organisation that appears to be aligned against “unhygienic” political ideologies, including the one which the candidate’s party endorsed. This secret society recruits people to its ranks who are largely illiterate by offering them employment opportunities they would otherwise not get, due to their lack of training/education; in other words the secret society mainly targets labourers who are called upon infrequently, to perform a “job” for it which is usually illegal and of a political nature. The film mentioned arson attacks, “protests” against “coloured migrants” and against “religious movements” which do no support the Secret Society’s manifesto.

The investigating judge virtually uncovers a direct conspiracy involving people high in government security which had as its aim, to kill the candidate strictly because of his “liberal” politics.

He brings charges against those implicated by the evidence he has unearthed, such as Conspiracy to Murder, and the film concludes with what those charges resulted in. The so called Generals were literally given a slap on the wrist and a reprimand and the entire case was closed, including against the “passenger” of the vehicle, who the evidence showed had struck the candidate with an iron rod thus causing the fatal injuries. He was not in fact run down by the van at all.

In the real world, approximately 2 months later, the US President J. F. Kennedy was himself assassinated in a public place with many people witnessing it. That took place in Texas, the Lone Star State, on November 22 1963.

Ganser Syndrome…

…is described as behaviour where one assumes the identity of authors of recently read books, or of characters in them, or of anything purchased or acquired containing abstract identity cues and clues.

[the December 1980 murder of John Lennon, ex-Beatle, provided a complete example of how this syndrome operates in the world; Mark David Chapman was a lone wolf ex-security guard who had read the “we all studied this book in high school” Catcher In the Rye and had “become” the central character Holden Caufield. In the book there is no mention of the need to go out and kill famous people, but “the catcher in the rye” has a function which is to save all the “lost” children who approach a cliff and who are going to fall off it. In his so-called defence to his murder charge, Chapman told the court that he was the catcher in the rye of this generation and refused to say any more, or to elaborate.]

(Ganser syndrome is a type of factitious disorder, a mental illness in which a person deliberately and consciously acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick. People with Ganser syndrome mimic behaviour that is typical of a mental illness, such as schizophrenia. Ganser syndrome is sometimes called “prison psychosis” because it was first observed in prisoners. People with factitious disorders act this way because of an inner need to be seen as ill or injured — not to achieve a clear benefit, such as financial gain. They are even willing to undergo painful or risky tests and operations in order to obtain the sympathy and special attention given to people who are truly ill. Factitious disorders are technically considered mental illnesses because they are associated with severe emotional difficulties. – WebMD)

You never know what’s right…

Sometimes you just “fight” without knowing if you are right.

I learned this lesson aged 9 years, circa 1963, when one afternoon the teacher organised a class-room debate on the topic of “Are sweets/lollies good for you?”

I was chosen to argue that they were, good for you, and produced a number of points to back my claim. Everyone knows, though, that eating sweets/lollies is bad for you, because apart from all else, they can rot your teeth. They can also contribute to obesity as well as type ll Diabetes. To counter these “everyone knows” facts, I introduced the idea of taking responsibility for one’s own body and health. I didn’t try to say eating sweets was good for you per se, but rather argued that the negative effects, such as teeth rotting, could be overcome by simple adhesion to rules of personal cleanliness and hygiene. Your teeth only rot after eating sweets because you haven’t washed off the food acids which are formed by the sugar in the sweet when you begin to digest them in your mouth. I also noted that the brain, itself, only uses glucose to function, and since glucose is very much like sugar, it becomes apparent that eating sweets is good for your brain too!

And as for the possibility of Type ll Diabetes? I said that if you didn’t over indulge in sweets and got regular exercise you’d be fine.

I knew inside myself that the “case” I was arguing was very weak and not what I actually believed was true either; but when the debate was over, the teacher acclaimed me the winner.

The case for eating sweets was accepted as being “correct.”

hare krsna

George Harrison

I was never truly a follower of The Beatles in their hey day. It was largely due to the fact of my age, their target audience was teenage girls, and I was neither. I did hear some of their pop songs on the radio though. My sister and her friends attended one of the concerts held here by them. It seems they were to do two concerts on the same day, and she got to go to the early one. She went with Sonia, and Pat and one more I don’t remember the name.

By 1970 I did get curious about George Harrison and bought his records whenever they came out. His Concert For Bangladesh was good, and All Things Must Pass convinced me he was a sincere seeker of the Truth. He was also imparting Truth via his song lyrics.

One of his first albums was Living In The Material World, and had songs about his first LSD experience at the hands of his dentist. It really was a departure from the norm so far as contemporary pop lyrics were concerned, because he broached topics about God and how his life had changed once he surrendered to Lord Krishna. The song about “how he had changed” was plaintiff and hauled a lot of different emotions. And because of George Harrison I started looking into the same things he had already explored.

Things like the literature of the Hare Krishna society, the meditation techniques taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Self Realization Fellowship.

Hare Krsna

The active side of infinity

I stumbled upon this book while cleaning my kitchen today. Most of the books I’ve read have long since been dispatched, but a few remain, this Castaneda book in particular. Inside the front jacket are notes having to do with Housing, which at one time I had serious problems obtaining. But I have a fix going, although I see it as only a temporary solution, because as I get older and older I know I’ll need somewhere else, that’s close to shops, recreation and amenities, plus has a majority of older people.

But infinity, to get back to the topic, can be realized as the entire universe, and then some more! Through pressures put upon me, I have had to try to understand what effect the planets could possibly have on life on Earth. My experiences are such that I see a pattern throughout many supposedly unconnected events; at times it’s a simple type of repetition, where details about an event and the people who were there at the time, seem to get repeated in either a lot of detail or only vaguely. Then there’s another cyclic manifestation which I attribute to the planets. In this scenario, events seem to build upon prior events, much like a sky scraper builds upon each layer to achieve it’s overall height. Earlier events, with no visible connections, can appear as if they were “extended” through the agency of the current events.

That’s about as far I have been able to get in my “study” of the planets and their effects upon Humanity. I have read, though, about Astrology which claims to be very accurate in predicting the future, and also about being able to take steps to avoid “negative” effects when the planets alignment are not conducive to harmony in your life. It seems obvious that the various religions originating in India have a monopoly on studies regarding “astrology” despite it being a central part of the Biblical story of Jesus Christ.

Hare Krsna