a disease called Bob Dylan…

I remember wearing new boots… It was 1968ish and a high-school “camp” held over a weekend at Macclesfield, a small country town about as far south as Meadows. There were a couple teachers running it, but on the Saturday someone had been brought in to give a talk. We were staying on some kind of farm with accommodation split between boys and girls. Anyway, on the Saturday the son of the woman who ran the Theosophical Book store on King William Road, next door to Trims in the city, gave a presentation to further his theory that someone using the name Bob Dylan, was a poet.

The Theosophical Society used the rooms above the bookshop for their meetings, open to all. Trims was a clothes store similar but not exactly like, an army surplus. I have no idea how the son of the proprietor came to be giving a talk about Bob Dylan at our weekend holiday, either.

He was also interested in photography.

What he talked about was how you could define Bob Dylan as a poet, as if his song lyrics could be seen to be poetry. And he gave examples of “how” by quoting various songs.

We all sat around, me in my new boots, and just let him talk on and on about Bob Dylan. I had very little interest in poetry, you see, anyway. And I thought the weekend was going to be about hiking and relaxing with school friends.

But that was when the “disease” first entered my life to infect me. A disease called Bob Dylan. With words strung together in ways that could not be understood, no matter how hard you tried or how much leniency you gave him. It wasn’t until his “Christian revival” days in the 70s, or was it the 80s? that something he sang could appear to almost mean something. But even then, it came across as a disease, hitting the target which was the Vogue theatre on Belair Road, now used as a Christian Revival center. Over the years quite a few high earning US rock and rollers did songs about that “moonlight mile” of Unley to Belair Road, including Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.

So as poetry? it was pretty good “theosophy” whatever that is. Something about Madame Helena Blavatsky, a Russian psychic or spirit medium occultist or something.


George Harrison

I was never truly a follower of The Beatles in their hey day. It was largely due to the fact of my age, their target audience was teenage girls, and I was neither. I did hear some of their pop songs on the radio though. My sister and her friends attended one of the concerts held here by them. It seems they were to do two concerts on the same day, and she got to go to the early one. She went with Sonia, and Pat and one more I don’t remember the name.

By 1970 I did get curious about George Harrison and bought his records whenever they came out. His Concert For Bangladesh was good, and All Things Must Pass convinced me he was a sincere seeker of the Truth. He was also imparting Truth via his song lyrics.

One of his first albums was Living In The Material World, and had songs about his first LSD experience at the hands of his dentist. It really was a departure from the norm so far as contemporary pop lyrics were concerned, because he broached topics about God and how his life had changed once he surrendered to Lord Krishna. The song about “how he had changed” was plaintiff and hauled a lot of different emotions. And because of George Harrison I started looking into the same things he had already explored.

Things like the literature of the Hare Krishna society, the meditation techniques taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Self Realization Fellowship.

Hare Krsna

Strange Days

December arrived the other day, after the warmest November on record in these parts. I mean they claimed the average temperature over the month was the hottest it’s ever been, as far as records go. (The records only extend back to the 1800s though!)

It felt slightly warmer than usual to me, too. Winter had been so dry there had been weeks, literally piled on end, when it felt like Spring and not a drop of rain fell. There were no clouds either. Just endless blue skies. But, according to the Weather bureau, the average temperature didn’t create any sort of new record. It was just another effect of the overall changing weather patterns.

At the same time, nights didn’t get much warmer! Usually it would become chilly by around 10 pm and stay like that until 5 am when the temp would suddenly drop 3 or 4 degrees C (usually that is). Even today, for instance, a week into Summer, the day was quite warm, around 27 C, but right now at 11 pm, I’ve had to put on an extra shirt to keep from shivering.

They predict that this Summer will be very dry and warmer than average. But they also say that the overall weather patterns are changing and from now on things will remain hotter and that will get more pronounced as the years go by. They expect a 2 degree rise within 50 years, resulting in lakes drying up, seas shifting, crops failing, etc. Just one disaster after another.

I know I won’t be around to see any of it, however.

I’ve reached a place where I find it harder and harder to believe almost everything I’ve ever been taught was true or real. Most particularly, that “life” has some meaning. Lately, I’ve seen it as having no meaning at all… apart from what you attach to it. ART, is a way to give it some type of meaning, but there isn’t enough of it around to satisfy me. So, life has no intrinsic meaning, or for that matter, value. We’re not simply a randomly collected bunch of molecules spinning in a universe so vast it’s beyond our comprehension. We’re something even worse. We evolved through a process of trial and error, experiencing pleasure and pain and getting our cues from that. We’ve been around for a very very long time, not merely hundreds of thousands of years, but into the millions and only in the last few millennia have we actually done anything more than what most animals do. We actually have gained scientific knowledge of the world and of our own bodies, and as a result we’re been able to extend our life spans a lot.

But that can’t substitute for actual “meaning.”

As for the Religionists, I can’t see that they have any foot in the door so to speak, or that they hold a corner on truth. Buddhism is perhaps closest to a scientific outlook, but try telling that to a practicing Buddhist! Nope, religionists tend to all be irrational at some poit or other, even the Buddhists. Eventually almost all religions tell to accept some tenant of their creed on faith, and if you straight out reject that approach, you find yourself unable to see meaning in life itself. The religions also tend to dissolve into a morass of myth and fable, folk legend. As history, they show what humankind had to do to survive and even conquer. But when stacked up against Science, they fall over.

I have every right to be pessimistic, too!


This is an excerpt from a manuscript my brother was preparing for publication as an E-book, a few years ago. Where the original came from is not know to me. He had sort of become obsessed with ancient Magik, UFOs, and Alien visitations; he’d collected manuscripts from the Web as well as small videos, which detailed how aliens had visited the Earth. The Magik was subtle because from time to time it would refer to something which by modern standards, could only be a UFO, or Alien visitor.

This quest he was on, went on for 3 or 4 years! He published 20 or 30 E-books on it, and then opened up an On-line store to sell these refurbished manuscripts. Time passed and his focus shifted a little, back to Gurdjieff and music. But he published an E-book version of Gurdjieff’s, ALL AND EVERYTHING and offered it on-line for sale. He also got very interested in the “Book of Mormon” because of the strangeness of its origins – coming from “plates” buried under a small hill.

This Ashta manuscript was actually published as a paper type book, back in the 50s or 40s, I believe and less than 1,000 copies were made. It had no impact whatsoever!

Years later, my brother discovered it, and took it at face value. An actual Alien encounter had taken place and a book had been written about what happened. I am blogging it because it could be of interest to someone who hasn’t yet delved into the UFO/Alien issue. As for myself, I don’t really believe in UFOs or that Extra-terrestrials have visited this planet, and they certainly haven’t dictated any books. My thought is similar to that of Jung, who suggested that the whole UFO business, which was often depicted in Medi-evil paintings, is a type of manifestation of the Collective Unconsciousness of Mankind. So, the UFOs are only as real as the Mind of Man, makes them out to be.

But it would be nice if they did exist and visited our planet; it would change everything!





It has been both my great honour and my joyful assigned task to assemble within the covers of this book, many of the most vital communications received by spiritual messengers from Commander Ashtar since his earliest contacts with our dimension.

To have included them all would have been an impossible task. Rather we have attempted to compile those fragments which would best help us to discern the heart of this beloved Being, to appreciate his spiritual burden, his exemplary character, his depth of purpose, his unswerving loyalty to Our Radiant One and his dedication to the Kingdom of God on Earth. May the aura of his Light and his Love touch you as you read, to enjoy, to absorb, to be quickened to new heights of spiritual understanding and attainment.



We are the voices of those who serve with Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command. We send forth this combined tribute to our beloved Leader. We commend the efforts of this Messenger to compile and give to the world this tribute and file of information which will greatly enlighten many to the mass efforts of all our fleets for the benefit of planet Earth. Regardless of our origin from outer Space.

Our love for the people of Earth and the planet has motivated our participation with Beloved Commander Jesus Sananda and Commander Ashtar in this tremendous Program for the benefit of humankind. Our volunteer efforts stem from a dedication to brighten the Lighted Pathway for all souls everywhere, and to be contributing units of the Brotherhood of Light in this sector of Space.

We have jointly followed the leadings of our Commanders down through the ages, through two to three generations within our own families who have also served the Hierarchy in this Mission. Our families, our children and spiritual mates, have in most cases remained behind on our home systems until this Earth mission is fulfilled and its splendour and beauty unfolds within its new dimension of glory.

The battle is not yet completed, the victory is not yet attained, but we know that the influence of Ashtar throughout our ranks, will guide the Hierarchal Program through the coming tumultuous restoration with wisdom and foresight, courage and ultimate victory. The people of Earth will receive the highest spiritual enlightenment, the planet will be cleansed, the clutches of those who seek to destroy will be lost and removed and the Kingdom of God shall come to Earth as it is in Heaven.

Under the coordinating leadership of the Ashtar Command, our scattered energies and various factions have been fused to one united channel of divine force, with strong guidance in the many indescribable details and challenges of the Great Mission. All of the various fields of patrol, whether it be scientific, educational, spiritual or protective, have been coordinated into one vast unified expression of cooperation and accomplishment. The last two decades have brought the placement of many new bases set into operation. The multitude of fleets small and great, have served as one, in the pattern of the leadership expanded before us.

In the face of any great divine challenge, the Radiant One chooses one great Man. In our fields of endeavour. Ashtar has been that Man. His energies have increased the efficiency of all of our individual responsibilities to a point beyond description. We have honoured this Man in our midst and followed his guidance with respect. His love for mankind has consistently been his motivation.

His spiritual emanations and philosophical teachings have been an inspiration to all of us as well as to all of you. His intense devotional nature has been an example throughout all of the fleets. His wisdom in lifting the vibrations of the planet while yielding to none in his adamant plea for the respect of the right of man to choose his way without outside interference in his growth.

We can do naught but follow Ashtar to the ultimate Conclusion of the Battle for the Light. We are the Etherians of this Universe and its many Galaxies, who have come together in this volunteer effort for planet Earth. Many of us are with you now in physical form for this crucial time in your transformation. Many are yet to come to fill in the ranks, but all stand with appreciation, beside the Leader Our Radiant One has chosen, to lead this offensive for the Forces of Light in the Program of man’s ascension.

It is with a sincere desire for his honour, that we jointly form this statement to express our love for Commander Ashtar, and we speak for the many. We call for the blessings of the Higher Guardians to bless this Tribute as it is placed in the hands of the people of Earth. May the love of Ashtar, as it is shown to be given freely to all men, return to his own bosom a thousandfold in blessings of Peace. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men will surely come with Ashtar at the helm of the Mission.

Speaking for the entire constituency of the Ashtar Command, its many great fleets and officers, and the thousands who make up the ranks and the souls who inhabit the millions of worlds of this Universe, we are

Soltec of the Scientific Patrols

Monka of the Tribunal Councils

Korton of the Communications Service

Athena of the Star ship of Sananda


Chapter 1: Who is Ashtar?

Man or Myth? Name or Title? Space Commander or Archangel? Intergalactic Spiritual Leader? We believe that the pursuit of these answers will be an interesting adventure to those dedicated to understanding the Guardian Action surrounding this planet.

In the voluminous transmissions received by Dr. Enid Smith, UFO pioneer extraordinaire, Ashtar was often referred to as the Christian Commander from Venus. In our initial issue of UNIVERSAL NETWORK, in an item dictated by Lord Michael (through Gabriel Green), Michael refers to Ashtar’ as the “Supreme Director in charge of all of the Spiritual Program” for our planet.

Under the sponsorship of Lord Michael and the Great Central Sun Government of this Galaxy, Commander Ashtar is second only to the Beloved Commander Jesus-Sananda in responsibility for the Airborne Division of the Brotherhood of Light. Ashtar has been widely known in UFO channelling circles for over three decades. His messages are beamed from a colossal Star ship, or Space Station, beyond our atmosphere. He is loved for his deeply philosophical approach to our global problems and his efforts to raise our planetary vibrations.

Ashtar speaks of twenty million extra-terrestrial persons involved with his Command in the Program for planet Earth, and of another four million on our physical plane, consciously or unconsciously cooperating in the program of Light.

I was curious about his alleged Venusian beginnings, and he volunteered: “I am of that strain of Beings who have manifested from that chain of planets, the lesser of which is known to you as Venus. However, the planet Ashtar was my original manifestation through the Father’s love.” I pressed for further personal information, and was not disappointed. “The mystery that is associated with my person is of no consequence to me, but is perhaps of interest to some. I am seven feet tall in height, with blue eyes and a nearly white complexion. I am fast of movement and considered to be an understanding and compassionate leader. I am devoted to the principles and teachings of Our Radiant One, and I represent the Twelfth Kingdom and the Great Central Sun Hierarchy. I have been assigned the name of ‘Ashtar’ by that Universal Hierarchy for use in my calling as Commander of the Intergalactic fleets serving this hemisphere.

“I have not had a Human embodiment upon planet Earth, as some have inferred. This is incorrect information and should be discouraged. I have consistently been too involved with the affairs of the Universe to accept such an assignment. I am an active member of Councils scattered throughout this Universal Sector, serving in an advisory capacity at strategic levels of intergalactic affairs.

“The fleets of Etheria stationed within the Sector known as Schare, represent what is now called the ‘Confederation of Planets for Peace’. We are a branch of the greater ‘Federation of Free Worlds’ which comprises the totality of the Space Commands throughout the Omniverse. While my own administration is local to the Commands of this solar system, I am not restricted to this sector in my service, for I represent our system in the Councils of other Galaxies and Universes throughout the vast Cosmos. From time to time I have been appointed to positions of higher responsibilities in those Councils.

“The Christ Teacher of this Galaxy is my Beloved Commander in Chief, and His Word is my Law. To Him I have pledged my service. I am but a leader chosen by Him, to fulfil the Program of Light on Earth through the winged commands of the Great Brotherhood. Each one of us is an active member of the pact taken by personal vow to serve that Cause.”

Reflecting upon the general outline of this book, I confessed to mixed emotions concerning the advisability of reprinting messages with which so many would already be familiar—at least, the senior members of this movement.

Ashtar replied: “I feel very impersonal toward the material. I am only concerned that it be read by a broad segment of ready souls and that it be given serious consideration. A thing worth saying is worth having repeated. Anything that is worth repeating is worth fixing attention upon. The messages of the past, as well as the present, carry the same burden of concern for Human-kind. We do not change our concern with the passing of time. A call of twenty or even thirty years ago is just as valid this day. Our messages have found a more tolerant audience at this time because of the ongoing exchange. Nevertheless, the need for them is crucial at this hour—not only for a further emphasis, but for the benefit of those who may not have seen them at all.

“Therefore, in their repetition, further enlightenment will come to those who search at this hour. Be vigilant, my friend, in season and out of season, to spread the good will of your Brothers and Friends from Outer Dimensions of the Cosmos. We are all the Children of God, together under one banner and One Mission of Light. We join forces to bring this newest effort into manifestation.

Regardless of the source, the words are Light, and they are Truth. We release them again for the Glory of God! The compiled content will reveal the nature of the messages through the decades as having had a certain theme, regardless of the channel, and it will contribute to an understanding of our reality and purpose in being with men, to plead with them to experience love and good will toward one another. There are presently many new students awakening with a lack of familiarity of the earliest contacts. Further, the book will contain extra-terrestrial information in general, needed by these new candidates in the Mission.”


With this extra bit of polishing touch upon my own vision, I was fired with inspired enthusiasm to get started on the project. In summary, we repeat this paragraph from the early pages of “Project-World Evacuation”:

“Ashtar is a Beloved Christian Commander and a very beautiful Being. He is highly evolved in the upper worlds, very influential, and has a great benefactoring influence upon those he leads. The momentum of the vibrations from these Great Space Beings, or Commanders, as they call themselves, is equal to and often beyond the force field even of Ascended Masters, for many have come who are Lords on their own planet, or persons of highest repute in their own galaxies and dimensions.”

Chapter 2: The Etherians

In 1958 Trevor James released “They Live in the Sky,” published by Dr. Franklin Thomas through New Age Publishing Company. The book contained several fascinating and informative interviews with Ashtar. Mr. James poses direct questions to the Commander:

Question: “Are you Etheric beings? Or are you possessed of a fleshly physical body such as mine?”

Ashtar: “I am Etheric. I do not have a fleshly body” like yours, bounded by flesh. But it is possible for me to make my being visible to your optics by certain changes in its vibratory rate.”

Question: “This would mean, then, that you are normally invisible to us?”

Ashtar: “Yes. “

If we take Ashtar at his word, we have explanations for some of the alleged encounters with space beings, and also for the fact that both ships and controlling intelligences are known to be invisible on occasions. These beings can convert to a vibratory rate where they are visible to us, but normally belong in a higher vibration.

Question: “As you are an Etheric being, are other Etheric beings visible to you?”

Ashtar: “Yes, although not exactly in terms of optical vision as you know it.”

It was about eighteen months after this communication had been received that I gained a rather startling proof of its validity. I paid a call on a distinguished European lady in Los Angeles with an international reputation as a seer and psychic. Discussing various aspects of her faculty with me and answering my questions, she suddenly sat bolt upright in her chair. “Have you ever had any contact with any non-physical beings?” she asked, with a smile. I replied that I believed that I had, but could not be completely sure.

She then said, “There is a magnificent looking being standing beside you, and he communicates to me that is name is Ashtar. Do you know him?”

I replied that the personality was familiar, and she gave me a full description of him as she saw him clairvoyantly. Seven feet or so tall, extremely stern, helmeted, and giving the impression of being a sort of Military man. This was extremely interesting insofar as Ashtar had described himself as the “Commandant, Vela Quadra Sector, Realms of Schare, All Projections, All Waves,” and therefore would probably be a Military type of being.

In possession of just the beginnings of these general theories, I addressed further questions to Ashtar on this subject.

Question: “From your statement that you are Etheric, am I to presume that you have evolved beyond the stage of a Physical and Astral body?”

Ashtar: “Correct. I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours. I am definitely Etheric, as are the people on other Planets in this Solar System. However, this does not mean that we are invisible to each other as we are to you under normal circumstances. We see each other and live much as you do, but we do not have this dense physical casing which you possess. The advantages, benefits and comforts of this living are enormous, and the irritations of the fleshly envelope are most uncomfortable. Unless we choose to convert the vibrational frequency of our bodies to one which is visible to your optics, we remain invisible to your people. Highly evolved people, with a good ‘psychic eye’ as you call it, can sometimes see us in vaporous form, although we may be invisible to other Earthlings in the same location. When your clairvoyants travel to our civilizations on other planets, they see and are able to interpret our lives because they are not using their physical eyes but their Astral or Psychic sight, to which we are visible just as though we were physical.”

Question: “When you become visible to our eyes, does the person who sees you know that you are a ‘converted Etheric’?”

Ashtar: “Not as a rule. The conversion can be made so completely that a Physical person encountering us thinks that we, too, are physical.”

Question: “What of those who claim to have been up in your craft?”

Ashtar: “In our contacts with Earthlings we have to be careful not to go beyond their understanding. In these instances, the ships and all entities within them are converted to a vibrational level at which they had the substance of physical things as known to you. Whether the experience was Physical or Astral is not known to some people who had the experience.”

Question: “I wish to ask a question or two concerning Etheric substance.”

Ashtar: “We will be glad to answer whatever we can for you. We wish to arm you with as much knowledge as possible, and are limited in this only by your power to assimilate it. I do not wish to talk over your head, but we will supply you with knowledge to the limit of your understanding.”

Question: “I am puzzled by the concept of Etheric matter. For example, there is one case on record where one of our jet aircraft flew right through a space ship without hitting anything solid whatever. Are your ships made of a vaporous substance, or are they a different form of Earthly matter?”

Ashtar: “We have all the elements you know on Earth, and many more. The Etheric form of these metals differs in its atomic and molecular structure from Earth-made metals. For example, the distance between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of the Etheric iron nucleus is much greater than in iron as you know it on Earth. This permits the atoms of Earthly steel to pass right through the atoms of Etheric steel in such a way nothing happens to either form of steel. The Etheric form of steel enjoys a higher vibratory rate than Earthly steel and therefore is not apparent to Earthly vision or, if you prefer, Physical eyesight. Under certain circumstances it becomes visible, as in the presence of certain atmospheric gases of Shan (Earth) or at will in accordance with the desire of the controlling intelligence. No matter how great the mass of the Etheric substance, even a space ship measuring many miles across in your measure, Physical matter cannot damage or injure it or its contents.”

Question: “When you speak of making Etheric matter visible at will, is this the way that George Adamski was permitted to take his now-famous photographs?”

Ashtar: “Yes. Ether ships, as they have been called on your surface, have been made visible to and for certain individuals, selected upon your surface, of whom Adamski is one. Normally, the ships are part of the invisible world.”

Question: “If one were to develop Astral vision or the Psychic eye, would he be able to see the ships?”

Ashtar: “No. Not unless the vibratory rate of the ship were converted to the vibratory range of Astral vision. Remember, the Etheric vibratory rate is higher than the Astral. Very few Physical Humans have some perception of the Etheric, but they are not normal people as you know them and for the most part dwell in very secluded places. As a general rule, perception of the Etheric through vision cannot be accomplished except through the will of the Etheric, converting Etheric substance to a vibratory level where it is physically visible.”

Question: “In our Solar System, are there any other Physical beings like us?”

Ashtar: “No. All beings on other planets in your Solar System are Etherics. On your planet, as you now know, there are two kinds of beings—Physical and Astral. Outside the Earth-Moon System in your Solar System, all are Etheric.”


(Although the following interview does not involve Ashtar personally, its information is so pertinent, it is included).

Question: “I would like you to give your description of the differences between Space people and Spirit people. I would appreciate as full an answer as my understanding permits.”

Andolo: “The differences are very great, although to the cursory glance it may seem that Space people are Spirits. However, it all comes down to a matter of the condition in which we dwell. We are Etheric beings, in your expression. By this, I mean that we live upon a higher plane of existence. We are not discarnate in the sense of having no bodies. We have Etheric bodies which are counterparts of your bodies but which are made of a more tenuous substance, and which are not subject in the same way to gravitational effects. The Etheric state in which we dwell is one of many on an ascending evolutionary scale to which we all belong. Above us, for example, are beings more highly evolved than us by as great a gap as there is between ourselves and you. This is not meant in any derogatory sense towards you, but merely as a factual statement about the scales on which we dwell. Upon our plane of life we have much the same type of existence as you do, although it is free of the corruptions, crimes and undesirable elements which are to be worked out of a being’s karmic life before he may pass into the Etheric state. Your Earth is a testing ground—one of many hundreds of thousands of testing grounds in the Universe—where beings evolve upwards on the scale of life, working constantly towards junction with the Great One as the ultimate attainment of all existence.

We upon the Etheric planes pass on to higher planes just as you do from Earth, when qualified. This transformation on your plane is termed ‘death.’ To us, it is merely a transformer interposed between us and the next level of life to which we will ascend. We will stress once more that the greatest factor in the way of a proper grasp of the true story of life on your Planet is the conception of death as the end of all existence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Upon your plane, you must serve out an evolutionary period before you can ascend to higher worlds. The fleshly bodies which you have are part of a plan to aid your working through this scale of existence. At your level you must endure savage crimes, wars, strife and violence, and the Great One, in His wisdom, has seen fit to use the fleshly body as the most convenient method of taking care of this almost elemental stage of existence.

Now then, there are more people waiting to serve out their karmic penalties than there are physical casings, or bodies, to go around. Therefore, there is a special waiting place around your planet for these bodiless entities from your surface. These are Spirit people who are, if you like, in temporary suspension, or their evolution is interrupted, and they are anxious to return to the physical body either to carry out something they left undone, or else, after realizing the truth or partial truth of creation, to become incarnate again and work towards proper passage through Earthly life prior to ascending to higher realms.

We ourselves are in bodies of a tenuous but nonetheless real substance, vibrating at a rate much greater than that which prevails on your planet. Those discarnate Spirit people desperately trying to hang on to the Physical plane, are dwellers in a form which cannot go beyond that Astral form without serving out their karmic life in a physical casing of flesh as you know it. Communication is possible, both with us and those Spirit people. But in communicating with discarnate Spirits waiting in suspension between the Physical world and the Astral, you may find that they know but little more than Earth dwellers, and in many cases, not as much. They may have nothing valid to impart. They may even play tricks and jokes upon people contacting them. Therefore we can only suggest that all such communications be done with extreme care and with a reason. Without reason behind it, it is little more than folly.

I leave you in love and good will. I am Andolo.”

Chapter 3: Ashtar’s Personal Frequency

It is one thing to understand the Etheric nature of a Being; it is another matter to know his personal vibrational keynote. What is Ashtar really like beneath his seeming stern militant demeanour?

As a Universal Statesman of wide renown, his policies of non-intervention and support of Man’s Right of Choice are respected and supported. He deplores the manipulation tactics of the World’s “Illuminati”/Secret Government and its grip upon Mankind.

Hermes, the Great Master of Wisdom, has a loving comment to share with us:

“I speak in my capacity as Universal Teacher of many things. I join with you in honouring One who has been in service with us for a longer time than I can remember. Our Beloved Brother in the Light, Ashtar, has been one for whom I have had much respect and admiration. We have learned in the spiritual Hierarchy that we can depend upon him to discharge a task with dependability, responsibility and ingenious expertise. “In his earliest venturing forth from Venus on this appointed task to serve the Universe by lifting the vibrations of this Planet, he was a most courteous and benevolent volunteer. I recall his genuine eagerness to place himself at the disposal of Archangel Michael and the Central Sun Hierarchy. He was immediately accepted, for his record on his home planets of Venus and Ashtar (a planet) were exemplary and noteworthy. He stationed himself immediately at the right hand of the Beloved, and has, one might almost say, never left that position—at least, theoretically. He is a staunch defender of the Truth as taught by the Master and an ardent foe of its opposition. He has been well trained by Archangel Michael in the subtleties of dealing with the dark brothers of the left-handed path. He respects them as part of the Father’s Creation, but fearlessly deals with their devastating programs and will not tolerate their restrictions of Man’s freedom.”


Commander Ashtar has laboured tirelessly to give Humanity guidelines for a better way of life. He acclaims the freedom of Man to choose his pathway without interference. He has repeatedly held council with Ascended Masters Godfrey and St. Germaine in the interest of freedom for America, and valiantly stood in the pathway of forces designed to restrict that freedom. But the concern for individual freedom goes deeper than any national principle. It reflects the unimpeachable and inherent right of every soul, the freedom of will to choose its pathway, its mistakes, and its karma.

Later in the text we will cite the messages through Mrs. Hill, but for now, let me quote an interesting passage which reveals further some of Ashtar’s inner convictions:.

“My message concerns a number of erroneous claims being made by those who crave personal publicity. Anyone who may attempt to invest us with powers of divination and announce themselves the recipients of information pertaining to the private affairs of individuals (unless they apply specifically to serious National or International matters) is guilty of falsification. Only insofar as they affect our plans (which must of necessity depend to a considerable extent on the understanding and cooperation of dwellers on your planet) will we pay any attention to your own purely personal problems by prying into the future for answers to your queries.”

This was borne out in a statement given to me recently:

“Souls must struggle with their own growth problems as every other soul has ever had to do. We have not indulged in fortune telling as a sponsored activity because of the need of the soul, to make its own choices and decisions if it is to overcome the labyrinth of life’s temptations. Thus, guidance is not intended to interfere nor hinder the freedom of Man’s will to choose his pathway. Only in this manner does he ascend the lower nature and the lesser level of living. We strongly adhere to the freedom of Man to be exercised and permitted without interference from another.”


Commander Soltec offers further insight concerning Ashtar:

“In the beginning of our organization of the earliest fleets, we did not have a large quantity of craft for Earth supervision. We approached Commander Ashtar and asked him how we could possibly efficiently patrol such a large area with such a small task force. His reply was succinct: “We will endeavour to expand ourselves and to be everywhere at once with our unlimited abilities to do so.” This is an example of the dogged determination of the Man to do his very best in any situation. And we did just that! We did not rely upon our craft, but we entered into the highest possible use of the gifts that were within us, and we expanded our highest level of being to literally be where we were not, and to see what we could not and to hear what we could not hear, and altogether became the eyes of God surrounding the Planet. Eventually more craft were added, divisions of responsibilities were assigned, and the mission expanded continually unto the point of tremendous scope that it is today. But I have never forgotten my Commander’s words who, nothing daunted, would make a way where there was no way.

“It has been a tremendous experience to me, serving with him and carefully following his example in many details of our shared responsibilities. I have often paused in troubling instances to ask myself, ‘How would Ashtar handle this problem?’ Invariably the answer would be clarified and I have found it has always proven the wisest course of action to have taken. The mention of Ashtar’s name has sometimes brought a shadow of staunch militarism in to a conversation in the past, because the nature of his dedication to the Armies of Light is so intense it is reflected in his manner with people. This has sometimes erroneously been interpreted as a sternness of demeanour, a strict formality, so to speak; but in actuality, this is not the case. I have never known a more loving, gentle man when it comes to the application of divine love toward his fellow man. His eye is so single to victory for the Forces of Light, he is sometimes misunderstood. Those who first have contact with him sense this firmness of purpose, but soon come to know and love the deeper aspects of his gentleness. We have all found it to be so.

“My surveillance responsibilities have been unlike Ashtar’s in that my mission is the gathering of facts and scientific data that can in turn be used for the betterment of Humanity and this Solar System. The mission of Ashtar has been the spiritual education of a backward planet and the ascension of its inhabitants through initiations and gathering of information designed for that purpose. Nevertheless, we have enjoyed a very close friendship and respect for one another’s work in the overall Divine program. It is an honour to be a part of the Mission of the Ashtar Command. I am Soltec.”


A Disciple of Jesus speaks:

“Greetings, my beloved daughter, Tuella. These wonderful thoughts are being shared with you at last and I am pleased. Now I have come in tonight to offer my statement for the book. In the Christian era, Ashtar was placed in command of the great Star-ship which brought and released the soul of Jesus and again, received Him up when His Mission was completed. He has ever been that one in command of the Star-ship which is peculiarly the Etheric navigational vehicle for the Beloved Master. That is the fact I wanted to stress for this evening. I am Philip, of the Christian era of history.”

Chapter 4: Spaceman or Angel?

Many are intrigued by the mystique of the true Celestial identity not only of Ashtar, but also, of the many great Space Intelligences we have come to know and Love by the names assigned to them in the Divine Program.

I, too, attempted to probe this mystery of Ashtar’s Universal status, but the persistent reluctance to discuss personal matters is constant: “The Mission to be accomplished is the factor of import and not the spiritual status of the one who serves that Mission. Like all of my other Brothers and Sisters in the Program of Light, we are not to be worshipped or thought of as Gods or anything of that nature. We are simply your comrades in the Light of the Radiant One, equal all, in the sight of the Creator. It is regrettable that there is a tendency of Humanity to focus attention upon a messenger rather than upon the message. Overemphasis on personal revelation weakens the strength of the Mission, which is geared to the spiritual growth of Mankind.”

Contactee Oscar Magocsi, of Canada, has submitted an interesting brief commentary, received through his Psychean Federation sources, when Ashtar’s alleged identity as Gabriel was under discussion:

“Commander Ashtar has many roles. He is Protector and Defender, Advisor and Administrator, but his work as Protector and Defender is the most prominent. A Commander is one who speaks with Authority to command and issue orders. Ashtar is a Protector of Humanity and the fate of planet Earth, as well as a Defender-Protector of the Solar System and its affairs.

“However, in the strictest sense, he is not an embodiment of an Archangel, but is, nevertheless, participating in a very close partnership and very close cooperative Cosmic representation of one of high administration at that level. It is not Archangel Gabriel, but is another. Within his own attributes of Protector, Defender and Enforcer, another Archangel works in unison with the energies of Ashtar.”

With characteristic ambiguity, this Federation source refused to reveal the actual identity of Ashtar’s overshadowing Presence, but did clearly state that the Commander was being guided by an Archangel OTHER than Gabriel, in a very personal way, and that the prominence of the Defender and Protector roles should be a clue to the wise” in the full revelation. In spite of an inner nagging that this raised more questions than it answered” I felt comfortable with the information and wanted to share it with you.


Gray Barker has an important observation in his Introduction to the E.P. Hill book published by the Saucerian Press:

“Modern metaphysics, although it has helped thousands, made them more self-reliant, positive in their thinking, intellectually mature and responsible, nevertheless, has practically ignored the fact that there are beings in this Universe besides ourselves – beings which the ancients sometimes called ‘Angels,’ and who are now being called ‘Space Men’. All down the ages there have been mystics who claimed to have heard the Voice of God or of Angels. Today there are those who hear the voice of Space Men.”

The fascinating concept that links the Extra-terrestrial Armies with the work of the Angels, whom the Heavenly Father charged to watch over those who would be the ‘Heirs of Salvation’ is inspiring to consider.

At a group meeting in Prescott, Arizona, questions were put to trance medium Bob Graham, by someone as a test, who wanted to hear from another source just who Ashtar was. Joshua was the source of the transmission, received clairaudiently by Bob. The session went like this:

Question: “Who is Ashtar?” Answer: “Ashtar is of the Herald Angels and first manifested in the early ‘50s through so-called UFO type of communications with individuals like George van Tassel and others, awaiting the return of the Herald Angels, who are the participants in the so-called UFOs that have manifested from time to time. They are observing from their sphere (which is not physical) the actions of men and nations as the periods of time ripen for the return of the Christ, who will return on those same clouds of Heaven, which are partial or full materializations of the vehicles used in the celestial realms.

“Ashtar is known to have materialized, and also, his craft has materialized. They refer to our planet as Planet Sector Schare. The ancients of old would have referred to them as the ‘Herald Angels.’ Ashtar and others, including Excelsior, are a very vital link between the various celestial spheres and our own in this great network of Holy Spirits, whose primary function is to enlighten Mankind.

“They also play a very important role in preserving the United States from extinction by warring forces that are soon to attack its shores. That only by this Divine Intervention will the enemy be driven, and that the destiny of the United States will be assured as the example that will be set as Christ returns, and that this Nation will serve Mankind until the End Time when the Physical Universe is no longer needed and is dissolved back into its Ethereal form.

“Ashtar also represents one of countless Hosts similar to those who manifested in the times of Isaiah and slew thousands of Philistines in the preservation of the Israelites. The history of the dawn of Man records countless manifestations of these Herald Angels.”

Question: “Did Ashtar ever live on Earth?”

Answer: “He is not part of the ‘Fallen Spirits’, and though there are individuals not understanding the nature of the gifts that they received and of the nature of the difference between the Physical and Spiritual realms, subscribe that he is of a much higher planet than this, and others subscribe that Ashtar and others like him are those who evolved from this planet, this is not the case with Ashtar or other Herald Angels, who did not take part in the Great Spiritual Revolt, but remained loyal to God and to Christ. They are the Holy Spirits who are assigned to this sphere from time to time in guiding Mankind back to God. Having never tasted spiritual death, they have always been among the living who dwelled with God.

“And, I might add that before this generation is through, you will observe the greatest celestial activity ever witnessed on this Planet, as these so-called ‘Clouds of Heaven,’ which are merely a condensation of those vehicles, arrive in great numbers and defy your wind as they remain, or oppose it. That is why it is mentioned that Christ’s return shall be on the Clouds of Heaven. They are the vehicles, when fully materialized, are great, gleaming, metallic, crystalline vehicles used in the enormous outreaches of the Celestial Realms.”

The above transmission (which was shared with me by a friend) is of tremendous significance when coupled with a Message from Lord Jesus-Sananda which was used as the FOREWORD in the PROJECT: WORLD EVACUATION volume. In referring specifically to our Beloved Space Friend, the Master said:

“These come as My Angels, to reap that which has been sown, to divide and set asunder the tares from the wheat, to gather the wheat into My Barn. For I AM the householder who cometh at the end of the day for an account from His Servants, and to give to all men justly in the manner given by them to Me.

“Those who come in My Name go from heart to heart, sealing them against that day and marking them for deliverance and safety from all that would destroy. “So, I shall call unto those who follow me, to listen to the voices of these who come from other worlds, and harden not your hearts against their words nor practices. Rather, lift up LOVE unto them and desire for their coming, for they are the Angels of the Harvest!

“I am SANANDA, and this is My Message to the World.”


Long after I had come to personally know Commander Ashtar and to love and respect him, it was no small, shock to me when for the first time, someone reproached me with, “There’s no such person—that’s just a title!” My assailant actually, sincerely believed this close-minded statement, having read it somewhere in the past, and not having known the Commander personally. This soul has long since now come to know Ashtar as I know him, but at the time, it was disturbing to discover such a heresy actually existed.

At the earliest opportunity for an appointment, I confronted Ashtar with these things. He quietly and calmly replied:

“I am Ashtar; it is my name and not an office; I am a person, even as you are a person, and not a title; I exist and am not a myth; I am not a nonentity, neither am I from the second density; I am a being and not an influence; a soldier of the Light and not a ghost. Yes, I have had many imitators, but strong-hearted ones have not been deceived, for that is impossible. Accusers have sought to bring reproach upon my name as a designed strategy, but I continue on faithfully, doing my duty to God and His Creation.

“When we are busy in dedicated service to the cause of Light, we have neither the time nor the energy to pause to waste on our ever-present critics and attackers. The mud of unjust judgments falls away as you run the race. It does not and has not perturbed my demeanour when accusations have been formed to discredit my words or my person.”

It was difficult for me to understand how such a concept could be held for a long period of time, even by the most sincere, without having a proper explanation given to that one. Ashtar graciously explained:

“Discrepancy naturally enters when souls are quick to accept what another has said, to enlarge and dogmatize the thought form. If the mind then closes upon this finalized version of a concept (without further personal research or openness to discussion) then any further explanation, clarification or understanding is rendered unsuccessful. When a false crystallization has therefore taken place, those who would otherwise attempt a clarification simply withdraw until further growth takes place. Remember the Beloved. Though his own clearly understood His person, yet… ere the cock crowed thrice… did deny Him.”

The following day, however, when Commander Korton tuned into my thoughts, his thoughts were not so calm:

“As ridiculous as it may sound that some would say Ashtar didn’t exist, you can readily understand the mountain of opposition this would cancel if it could be made believable. The genesis is that those who do not know him can be bent by every wind. Those who know him cannot be moved.”

(Immediately my mind recounted the question of the Master to His disciple: “Whom do men say that I am?” There was apparently varied opinion, but those who knew had a Heavenly revelation of His identity). Korton continued:

“I highly respect this great Universal Leader and appreciate all that he has done, as one individual, toward the liberation of Mankind from all that would bind him to lesser levels of attainment. Under the benediction of Lord Michael, of the Great Central Sun Government, Ashtar has guided the Divine Program of Enlightenment for this world, devotedly serving in his task beside Our Beloved Commander, Jesus-Sananda.

“It would be impossible for one so consumed with dedication to a cause, and out front in its offensive, to not draw to himself the fire of those whose strategy would be to discredit his person and thereby destroy his influence.

“In your land, those voices that are raised in the interest of freedom for all men, who have any influencing force of note, are soon slain or removed. Great ones of your dimension who have attempted to raise their voices in the cause of freedom eventually fall into the hands of their assassins.

“Let me picture an analogy. When your world faced a common threat, a common enemy of freedom, and the challenge had to be met and conquered, Forces gathered from Australia, from France. They poured in from America, from England. These various Forces did not reason, ‘I think I’ll fight the enemy at such and such a place at such and such a time,’ or perhaps another Force decide, ‘I will engage the enemy and dispose of the threat on this front of force when I get time,’ or America likewise did not alone decide to combat the enemy at a certain location. No. Rather, they all joined forces, united their various Commands and worked together in their challenge as the Allied Command!

“Order, not disorder; organization, not chaos. Various great Commanding Leaders joined their wits and means, men and equipment in united offense as one Command – The Allied Command. Do you think that we of the higher worlds are any less capable than ye of Earth? Would we not also disdain disorder and chaos, we who can see beyond what you can see, know beyond what you know? Would we not also see the value of joining our scattered energies into one united effort toward the goal of guarding and guiding Earth? Therefore, as your Allied Command had its Eisenhower, so our Allied Command has its Ashtar! All Commanders work in unison and love throughout the Galaxy. Thus do we strive as one, as do you who serve this Light from your dimension. We are all one in purpose and unity for the incoming Kingdom of God on Earth. I apologize for my vociferous response, or abundance of words, which cometh only from the abundance of the heart. I am Commander Korton, proudly serving the forces of Ashtar in the light of our Radiant One. Adonai.”

It seemed this discussion could not be put to rest without one further comment, which soon followed from Lord Michael:

“This book is important to us because of the diabolical influence of the Dark ones in their attacks upon my own Lieutenant Commander, Ashtar. This, his name, has been given to him in his service to the Celestial Government for the closing of this Age. As one of my Chief ranking Assistants in Celestial Realms, he has a higher name.

“I, Michael, do, without reservation, wholeheartedly endorse the work of Ashtar in the Name of the Brotherhood of Light. As Universal Statesman and Ambassador, his efforts have the fullest extent of my Authority behind them. Our governing Spiritual Hierarchy has commissioned him to his task and sent him forth as an able representative of the policies and program set in order by that Hierarchy. I stand behind his efforts, his decisions and his works, to defend and protect, to educate and exhort the race of Mankind to lift themselves higher in their aspirations and desires to walk the Christ Pathway as torches of Light. “We of the Governing Body of this Universe have found it necessary and proficient to enlist the services of these many highly endowed individuals who have chosen this service as a gesture of brotherhood, to assist your planet and thereby guide the destiny of the entire Solar System into a higher dimension of life.

“The day will come when the Men of Earth will rise up and call him blessed who has served as Leader of this volunteer Force, guided their coordination, broadcast their messages to Earth in a multitude of ways, to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God on Earth. We salute the Ashtar Command and all that it embodies, as well as all that it has accomplished and shall accomplish for the fulfilment of the Will of God. Receive ye this great Man, with our blessings and our benediction. I am Michael, of the Lord’s Hosts.””