The active side of infinity

I stumbled upon this book while cleaning my kitchen today. Most of the books I’ve read have long since been dispatched, but a few remain, this Castaneda book in particular. Inside the front jacket are notes having to do with Housing, which at one time I had serious problems obtaining. But I have a fix going, although I see it as only a temporary solution, because as I get older and older I know I’ll need somewhere else, that’s close to shops, recreation and amenities, plus has a majority of older people.

But infinity, to get back to the topic, can be realized as the entire universe, and then some more! Through pressures put upon me, I have had to try to understand what effect the planets could possibly have on life on Earth. My experiences are such that I see a pattern throughout many supposedly unconnected events; at times it’s a simple type of repetition, where details about an event and the people who were there at the time, seem to get repeated in either a lot of detail or only vaguely. Then there’s another cyclic manifestation which I attribute to the planets. In this scenario, events seem to build upon prior events, much like a sky scraper builds upon each layer to achieve it’s overall height. Earlier events, with no visible connections, can appear as if they were “extended” through the agency of the current events.

That’s about as far I have been able to get in my “study” of the planets and their effects upon Humanity. I have read, though, about Astrology which claims to be very accurate in predicting the future, and also about being able to take steps to avoid “negative” effects when the planets alignment are not conducive to harmony in your life. It seems obvious that the various religions originating in India have a monopoly on studies regarding “astrology” despite it being a central part of the Biblical story of Jesus Christ.

Hare Krsna


Global warming…

I’ve been quite aware for some time now, that the weather has changed here in South Australia, and not a slight change but a change that’s perceptible.

It comes in various ways.

Last Winter, for instance, we had the longest dry spell ever. And in Spring we had the 3rd longest dry spell ever.

It was also colder than usual on some Winter/Spring days.

You’d think Global Warming would just automatically make days warmer, right?

But now we’re 17 days into Summer and things have gotten dramatic already! I have lived in this state almost all my life, so am quite used to HOT Summers, which come frequently. It’s perfectly normal for Summer temps to reach 38 C and to stay there for days on end.

When it reaches 40 C it alerts people, normally, as that is VERY HOT. There are only 2 or 3 other places on Planet Earth where temps reach this height, including Saudi Arabia and the desert in California; but usually that temp is for 1 day or 2 at most. It usually cools down quickly after the event, normally caused by a storm front moving in.

However, just 17 days into Summer 2015, we have been placed on ALERT to expect 4 days of temps over 40 C, and today they says its going to reach 41.

What it means is that these 4 days are already listed as “the hottest December days” ever! Our weather records go back maybe 150 years, and right now they have all been surpassed by what is expected to come in these 4 or 5 days. Plus, there doesn’t appear to be any weather condition that is going to arrive and bring the temps right down below 30. They say it’s going to be above 30 C for the next 11 days! Including the 4 or 5 which should clock in at 40 or 41 C.

I don’t have air conditioning, you see, and my building normally stays around 22 C until outdoor temps stay above 35 for more than 3 days; that’s when indoor temps begin to rise to 26 or 27 C, and stay there. A lot better I know, that 41 C, but really quite uncomfortable.

I’d rush out to buy a portable air conditioner, they have them now for $299, but every store I checked has sold out. An in-window conditioner is out of the question due to building regulations. Of course they are much cheaper, some going for as little as $199.

My small fridge also suffers in the heat. When the temp is less than 23, the freezer stays at –21 almost 80% of the time; the inside fridge stays at 2 almost 75% of the time. But in this weather, the inside temp of the fridge goes up to 9.5, while the freezer can go down to 0. And they can both stay there for 25% of the time.