more charles manson…

I know I have already written something about the “thing” called the Charles Manson case which took place in California in the late 60s, perhaps 68, but some “new” data has come to me and I feel that it should be made available to the public at large. How this new data came to me is a small story in itself.

It involves a church in California called Self Realization Fellowship that was founded in the 20s by an Indian Swami going under the “title” of Paramahansa Yogananda. It is a “title” rather than simply a name and refers to an Incarnation of Godhead – Krishna in his form of a Divine Swan who has the ability to separate milk from a mixture of water and milk.

I’ve read quite a lot about Krishna as the “original personality” of Godhead and almost concluded that what they mean by that, is what Bible believers  mean when they speak of Adam – The First or Original “man”. So in this sense Krishna isn’t himself “divine” or potent, but rather shows what The Father is in His Fullness. The other aspect of the Krishna story is about how he dies – at the hands of his own army.

There is a huge battle about to take place and Krishna asks the leaders of both sides which do they want? His army or his person? The opposition chooses his army, and at the height of the battle Krishna is struck on the heel by an arrow which causes his death. In a similar way, God cursed the serpent in the garden by saying he would “bruise” Adam’s heel.

But that isn’t the “incarnation” known as Paramahansa. That one is manifest towards the end of the “scheduled incarnations” list, even after Lord Buddha incarnates – for Lord Buddha is defined as another, #21, incarnation of the Godhead. After Him there arises the 22nd Incarnation known as the Kalki incarnation

Anyway, I had asked for “prayers of remembrance” to be held every morning for 3 months for a bunch of people I had named on a list I’d sent. One was a girl I’d met on-line named Leigh who said her father had been a US Senator but now ran a Bible College in Arizona. I thought she was nice but quite mixed up, and not simply because she’d done a stint as an “intern” at the White House when Bush and Clinton had resided there.

About a month into the “remembrances” I found myself driving in the foothills along a fairly new road extension I’d not use previously; Oh sure I’d been up to that area of the hills many years before, but hadn’t found any reason to go there since. This greatly expanded road was behind Flinders University & Hospital, and had 4 lanes each way going, ultimately, to Blackwood – where I’d spent lots of time in the 60s visiting with Mandy Shute, a school chum.

I had already, by the bye, found some names I could link to some addresses which I believed could be connected to the actual Charles Manson gang murders. These were “National Front” names I recognised, but then, there was no organisation called The National Front. Their names linked to a house at #66 Sydneyham Road, Norwood where I knew Garth and Rosemary Boehm and their 2 kids, Michael and Cassandra. Garth was a Ph. D. in Chemistry who taught part time at Adelaide university, while Rosemary was a housewife. I think I have already outlined how their story evolved, when Garth and Rosemary were “under age” and found themselves pregnant – placing them in a very tenuous position which included the possibility of the State taking their child away from them once it’d been born. Garth’s father was a lawyer and so he mounted a Supreme Court case to stop the State from taking the child; and what was surprising was that he won and Rosemary was allowed to keep the baby and look after it at home with Garth.

The mix up came when locals tried to say the Hollywood movie, Rosemary’s Baby, somehow had something to do with Rosemary Boehm. And of course there were the numbers. 66 for the house and some chapter reference in the New Testament about The Beast with the number of six hundred. Who the beast was and what purpose he served was never explained. I had, since writing about them in this blog, come across some local cross references to “names” which would in the 70s and later become known as The National Front, and so I tried to piece together some scenario which saw people from here arranging the whole Charles Manson “thing”.

It was “thin” so far as plots go, and I shelved the whole idea and let it lay fallow.

And then a month into “remembrances” I happened to find myself driving up a fairly new substantial road the government had put in, only to see that so far as my theory was concerned, others had invested in bricks and mortar by opening up “shops” on or near Manson Street, which was next door to a state govt. high school. The shops were Porn, “Massage” i. e. prostitution, and Tattoo parlour. And it was obviously linked to what I’d come to know in various other areas as Organised Crime run by bikies!

So, with Manson you had a Swastika displayed on his forehead to show where his “politics” lay, and from my research it showed that the National Front came into “view” as a result of what the Manson gang had done. That was in the late 60s, and many years have passed and today you have One Nation parties in most western democracies running as the National Front. This was witnessed in France last month, and the U.K. with Nigel Faraj, late last year.

But the question remains, did someone actually “order” the killings to the extent of “how to”?

Perhaps the only “odd” thing to be found at Sydneham Road these days is a shop on the corner using the letters MUMU as their name; I ponder, is it because in Iowa since the 70s there has been an M.U.M.? Maharishi University of Management?

The Maharishi people tend to always take you into “show business” and here it’s no different. Directly, one of the famous Marahishi band members named Wilson met and spent time with Manson in the months before the slaughter.

And in America they had that huge franchise, “Starwars” which has come and gone so many times you lose count. But the “central” idea is that there’s a “dark side” and it’s run by Darth; which can easily be seen to be an as-is of the name, Garth. To my experience Garth wasn’t the leader of the Dark Side, but there’s no doubt now I’ve really looked into it deeply, that some very sinister people started getting involved in “politics” via the so called propaganda of the deed.